Monday, April 1, 2013

5 for Five #14

It's Monday, already!?!?!!!
It's April, already!?!?!!!
Seriously, how did that happen?
I need a day off from my day off ;) Haha!!

So, let's get right to it, time to link up for my 5 for Five!
Thanks to Jenn and Jessica for this fabulous link up as always!!

Here's how I did last week at my goals:
{Green=goal reached, Red=goal not reached}

March 25-29

  1. Workout two times this week 
  2. Get lists and grocery supply lists done and completed this week for Easter
  3. Grocery shop for Easter dinner
  4. Keep on sewing :) 
  5. Healthy eating all week long 

3/5, not too shabby!

  • Working out, happened only one time last week (Monday).  I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like someone punched my face, realized, a sinus infection has occurred. I took the rest of the week off to re-cooperate.
  • Easter was a success!  More on that Tuesday.
  • Sewing has been great!  Ill have to show you all soon what I am working on.  It's nothing too major, just something fun.
  • Healthy eating happened, but not a lot of it.  Out too eat wayyyyy too many times last week.
April 1-5
  1. Work out 3 times this week
  2. Eat dinner at home 5 nights this week
  3. Finish laundry from the weekend
  4. Vacuum the upstairs (just didn't get to it over the weekend with company over)
  5. Clean and organize the pantry.
Hope your week is fabulous and hoping my week is going to go a little bit better than it has this morning.....


WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck with your goals!

Jen said...

Good job on last weeks goals! Here's to a successful week. :)

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