Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love and Marriage - Part 3 and 4

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The last post is 2011, 2012, our wedding and about my closing thoughts, advice, perspectives, etc.

Andy and I were living in our apartment and our lease was about to expire in April of that year.  We decided to go ahead and sign another year's lease even though we were not happy with the apartment since we didn't know where to go next.  We knew we didn't want another apartment but we didn't think we could get a house at the time.  We decided to look at houses a week after the year lease was signed (DUMB! Yes I know).  We only looked at houses to build, not sure why, but that's what we did.  We looked through so many model homes and finally came across our subdivision.  We decided to go ahead and plan out options in the house and realized we could afford it.  We called the apartment complex and spoke to the manager and asked to get out of our lease.  They thankfully agreed and we moved out of the apartment Memorial weekend in May.  We moved in with our families.  His parents on the weekdays, mine on the weekends.  Construction started on our house in June 2011 and the house was completely finished and signed over to us on September 3, 2011.  I remember that day so vividly.  I still to this day cannot believe I am old enough to be a home owner. 

Andy was ready for a pet but I wasn't so sure about one just yet.  He talked me into getting a cat and we found Smokey.  Those blue eyes suckered us in immediately!  He joined our family in February 2011.  We found our dog on an adoption site.  We decided to go visit her and see if she was meant to be.  One lick to Andy's chin from Keeley and we were hooked!!  Keeley joined our family on September 2011. 

May was a HUGE month for us!! Andy was to graduate college with his Bachelor's degree, I started a new job 2 days later, and 14 days after his graduation we were married!  WHEW!!  I realize I haven't gone into too much detail of those wedded bliss details, but promise soon!  The rest of the year was low key compared to May.  I started my blog in October of 2012 and am ever glad that I did.  

I realize that my blog may seem like everything is honkey dorey, no issues and that we never fight.  Yes, we fight, bicker, argue and disagree, but I don't see the point in blasting those things out in the public.  I always wanted a partner to love me for who I am, not judge me for being goofy for saying stupid things like, "Why are you taking your jacket off and opening the window if you're hot" (True story!)  The most important thing we ever said to each other, probably one of the first things we ever seriously talked about was being truthful to each other.  Don't lie, just tell the truth.  Best decision to ever agree on!  While communication is an important key (sometimes I struggle to come out with everything because sometimes I think too much and what's the point of airing the silly stuff out), but being honest is so very important.  The day of our wedding I wasn't nervous at all.  In fact, I was amazed that he was making my dream come true.  I had the dream dress, the dream wedding and someone who loves me unconditionally.  I remember in the middle of our vows, I messed up.  I messed up my vows because I was not listening to the officiant.   All I could think of, "Was this really happening?!?"  As silly as it sounds, I never thought I would find someone who would love me for me, and I was standing next to that person vowing to love him forever.    


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I love what said in the last paragraph. Of course couples fight but there is not reason to blast it all over the place. :)

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