Fur Babies

Smokey "Mokes"  "Mokies"

Adoption date/birthday:  February 26, 2011 (1 year old at the time)

Andy decided that he wanted a pet.  We lived in the apartment at the time and you had to pay for a deposit and such on a pet so I kept talking him out of it.  Finally I gave in and we decided to get a cat since we were afraid that a dog would be too noisy.  I was unsure about a cat because while growing up, I had 2 cats: Sam and Puma.  I loved those cats with all my heart and when they died, it just broke my heart.  We decided on a girl cat we found at a local PetSmart where they allow pet adoptions to happen at the store.  Saturday, February 28th, 2011, we decided to go adopt her. We walked into the room where all the cats were to make sure we were positive she was the one.  I walked down the row and found Smokey.  Smokey is a beautiful cat.  Grey and white with bright blue eyes.  The adoption worker got Smokey out and Andy held him first and we fell in love.  He was so gentle and loving from the first moment we held him.  That was it, we were sold that this was our first pet together.  He is a total cuddle bug and is more like a dog than a cat.   When we first adopted him, his paw had bite marks in the fur that we could see.  We talked to the adoption place and they said it has been checked out by the vet and he should be good.  2 weeks later after we have him home, he starts to bleed from his paw.  We realize that he is biting at his paw and causing himself to bleed.  We take him to the vet that saw him the first time and they do an x-ray.  In this x-ray they see a tooth fragment in his paw, possibly from a raccoon or whatever had bit him previously.  They had to take him into surgery to have his paw fix.  We took him home a day later and that night we hear him ripping out his stitches.  We take him back to the vet and they say they accidentally dislocated his du-claw and need to do surgery again to remove the du-claw.  Needless to say, he has been through a lot with us and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Great thing is, All Paws covered all the surgeries.  We were so thankful and have given All Paws many donations in return for their generosity.

Keeley  (Kiwi)

Adoption date/birthday:  September 4, 2011 (1 year old at the time)

Summer of 2011, Andy and I were living with the parents.  We were at my moms house and for some odd reason we decided to look at dogs.  Yes we didn't have a home because ours was being built and decided to look for a dog.....yup that's us for you!  :)  Andy really wanted a dachschund because he had one growing up and loved Sparkles so much.  While looking we can across Keeley.  She is so adorable and we have no idea what kind of dog she is.  We think she's part German Shepard part corgi but it's any one's guess.  That Sunday we decide to go meet Keeley and see her temperament.  We walk into the PetCo, Andy walks up to her and she immediately licks his chin.  He was hooked and knew she was his dog.  She was adopted in July but her foster mother agreed to keep her until we officially moved into our house.  She officially became apart of the family, September 4, 2011.  She is such a sweat heart.  Loves to cuddle and is never a pain.  We found out she was abused as a puppy and one night on a dark road they decided they didn't want her anymore and threw her out of a moving car.  Thankfully the car behind them stopped and picked her up and took her to the shelter.  She was adopted by us a month later.  She never barks and we think its because they beat her so much when she barked.  Trust me, she is MORE than making up for her puppy hood,  she is so spoiled and loved so so much!

Both Smokey and Keeley get along great.  Only problem is Keeley's jealously over the cat but its a work in progress.  They will occassionally play with each other and if we arn't looking they will cuddle with each other every once in a while.  They are my fur-babies and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Here they are wrestling each other, it was too funny!