Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap #10

Good Morning to all!!  I had every intention on posting a Five for 5 on Friday, but never got to it.  Let's start this week off right, and get a post in for everyday!  Annnnnnnd go!

Friday - 
So boring the life I live, I swear!  I got out of work at 2:30 pm because I had to stay for a meeting that went an hour over on Thursday.  Can we all say, "Darn the luck!".  My pants/shorts are starting to get a bit tight, but nothing too bad.  So, I am beginning my long and not so fun search of maternity clothes....I know that these days that maternity clothes are a lot better than they use to be, but the cheep-o in me has no desire to pay full price for a pair on maternity shorts when it's almost August and let's face it, those shorts will go on clearance soon (at least I am hoping that they will)!  I went to Old Navy and I will have to say, I am very thankful that the Old Navy closest to my house does have a maternity section, it's just not the greatest selection and not that great of prices.  (Again, I refuse to pay full price on maternity clothes).   Decided to hold off on purchasing and went home bummin.  Dinner was homemade pizza.  The taste of homemade pizza is just the best!

Saturday - 
Got up, made some blueberry biscuits from Pillsbury (can you say YUM!!) and started to watch some TV.  Decided around 10:30 AM to get going on some cleaning.  Vacuuming, laundry and mopping were on the agenda.  I am happy to report, all was completed by 12 PM.  :) I met up with my mother-in-law, Lynn for some shopping.  Andy and his Dad, Tim met us at the house for some dinner.  I also should mention, Saturday was Tim's birthday!  Dinner was steak, potatoes, salad, corn on the cobb, and fruit.  Dessert, ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!  If they could put in a bowl that fudge and cookie crunch, I would be in heaven.  Maybe even add some whipped cream and a cherry on top!  :)  

Tim's new smoker !

Sunday - 
My day started with some laundry switching over and then a shower (thrilling....) I picked my mom and sister up for some shopping and lunch.  I am A OK with that! ;)  Lunch was at Jason's Deli (soooooooooo good!)  It's basically an awesome salad bar with FREE ice cream.  (Yes you read correctly, FREE ICE CREAM!!!!)  I was all over the swirl (vanilla and chocolate) in a cone with a side of dark chocolate sauce....(mouth watering at the moment). I could have eaten 2 cones, but I withheld the urge. :)  We went to Babies R Us for a present for my cousin's baby and let's face it, I did some browsing myself.  My sister decided we needed to get 2 "My Favorite Aunt" bibs.  Too cute!!  After shopping I was pooped!  The couch was calling my name and I was OK with that.  Dinner was the ever awesome, grilled hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and a side salad for myself.  

How Smokey sleeps next to me in bed.

New rug for the front door!

Smokey's "new bed" HAHA!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Michigan travels

We hit the road to Michigan around 9am Tuesday morning.  We didn't want to leave super, duper early since it is such a long drive up there.  10 hours north, here we come!

I want to say that this is in the middle of Illinois somewhere...

Andy driving, he started out driving for the day.  I took over a couple hours later.

We decided to pack sandwiches for the car so that we were not eating so much fast food.  I was driving and Andy decided to make my sandwich "fancy" with a face...LOL!  I had to get a photo of that.  What a goof!!

Were in Michigan!!
Andy's Aunt Pat lives on a lake in Michigan so an hour after we got there, his cousin Adam took us out on a boat ride!  I was OK with that!!

Andy's second cousin, Olivia or as we call her, Liv.  She made a new best friend in me that night.  

Andy on the sandbar in the lake

Me again

Liv is "cleaning" her hedgehog with lake water.  Haha!

Toes in the water, toes in the sand!!

Ha!  A photo of us in the water!!

Me and Liv on our way back to the house.

Sunset on the lake

Big Boy's!  I haven't eaten at a Big Boys in over 15 year's I'd bet!  We had it for dinner one night while we were up there.

The photo from our wedding of Andy's parents, Tim and Lynn and his grandparents, Al and Judi.  I was ever so glad that Grandma was there for our wedding, just wished she would have been there for the birth of her great-grandchild.  Here's hoping Grandpa still comes up for Christmas and to see his great-grandchild!

I posted this on instagram, but on our way to Grandma's gravesite, there was a horse and buggy on the other side of the road!!  How many horse and buggy's do you ever see?  I think this was my first one ever!  Andy didn't think I would have been able to get the photo, but I was determined!!

On our way to the luncheon after the funeral.  Lake Erie is right there.  On the other side of Lake Erie is Canada!  That's how close we were to Canada.

The view from the place we had lunch at!  How fun is that!  I wished it wasn't so hot because I would have loved to walked out on the pier and see the boats go by!!

Homemade ice cream!  I got the coffee ice cream with caramel so good!

On our way home, we drove through Indianapolis, Indiana.  
From the highway you could clearly see Lucas Oil Stadium!
I am not a huge football fan, but it's pretty neat to see how big that stadium is!

Not a football fan, BUT I do know that the Indianapolis Colts play there!
Yep, I'm impressed with myself that I knew that.  I swear I did not Google that to find out for sure!  :)  Scout's honor!!

So, that's my trip to Michigan.  Unfortunately, I forgot my good camera, but at least I had the iPhone to help document my trip.  35 hours total in the car for 4 days.  We were exhausted but glad we could make it up to pay our respects to an amazing lady.  She will be missed and loved!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Recap #9

I'm back to the blog and boy am I happy to be back!  I've been trying to keep with with everyone else's blogs lately, but have noticed issues with Blog Lovin' and commenting on your blogs.  I promise though, I am keeping up!  :)  I also apologize for not getting this out to you all yesterday. Yesterday was a really rough day at work and I was in no mood to blog last night, in fact you guys wouldn't have wanted me to write because I was being Negative's a new day, right!?!!  (Sometimes I wish I could let things go, but I can't...only time will turn my frown upside down)  

My weekend recap starts off with Friday (I'll recap the rest of my trip to Michigan on Wednesday).

Friday - 
We decided to drive home from Michigan on Friday morning.  We left around 9am and decided to stop for lunch in Ft Wayne, Indiana.  Reason being, there was a Quaker Steak and Lube there (Andy's favorite wing place!)  Normally we can only get these wings in Wisconsin, so stopping in Indiana for a favorite for Andy was well worth it!  I ordered a side salad (gotta get my veggies in somehow) and we ordered a compact bucket (24 boneless wings).  Of course we took home left overs and Andy was happy.  :)

Love the twisted up straws!

My wings: Dusted Tex Mex Ranch
Andy's Wings: Dusted Mango Habanero

We got home around 6:30 PM that evening and we were so so happy to finally be home.  Dinner that night, we decided on ordering Papa Johns.  I was more than OK with not cooking.  The rest of the night was spent on the couch, catching up on the TV shows we had missed over the week.

Saint Louis!!!  
(I never thought I'd be so happy to see my home!)

Saturday - 
I'll be honest, not much was done that day besides a trip to Target to get a couple things, including milk.  I spend a long time on the couch watching TV on Saturday and was happy to do so.  I think the travel finally caught up to me and I was exhausted.  I wasn't feeling too well and needed some rest and relaxation.  Pretty boring day, but good for me.  I did manage to get out and take Keeley on a walk.  She was a happy puppy!

Please ignore the awful photo of me, but notice Keeley will not leave our sides since we came home.  :)  

Sunday - 
Yep, another boring day besides the shopping trips and spending more money than we had planned....ha!  First stop, Best Buy for the Pebble Watch for Andy.  He has been dying to get this watch and it the Best Buy near our house just happened to get 1 pebble watch in and he happened to grab it!  He is so very excited for this watch.  What a nerd!  Second stop, Home Depot.  We picked up some Weed and Feed for the yard, some spray paint for a project I have in mind for the baby room and to check out some paint colors for the baby room.  I thought I totally had the idea of what color I wanted for the room and then I got to the paint color swatches (all hundreds of them...) and now I am confused on what I want to go with.  Third stop, Michaels for some frames and I realized that I did not know the exact dimensions of the prints I needed framed.  Fourth stop, Dierbergs for some groceries for the week.  They featured some "home grown" fruits and veggies and we picked up several items including: corn on the cobb!  We grilled some corn along with steak and the meal was just so so SO good!  The corn was so sweet and good!  I can't get out enough how much I loved the corn on the cobb.  :)  Desert was frozen yogurt!  YUM!!!  Brownie batter and root beer float froyo was so worth it!  The rest of the night was spent on the couch watching more TV and being lazy!  We did get in a short walk with Keeley before the rain moved in.  

Brownie Batter froyo with chocolate caramel turtles
Root Beer Float froyo with white chocolate chips 
Some Rainbow sprinkles and a drizzle of caramel

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rough Week

First, I would like to apologize for my absence this week on the blog. I did manage to get 2 posts up but that was thankful to the ever helpful pre-written blogs I had set up. I planned on writing a couple more before we left town, but was too busy on Monday night to get anymore in.

We travelled up to Northern Michigan; Howell, Michigan and Sandusky, Michigan for a not planned trip. I am sad to report that Andy's grandmother passed away suddenly Saturday, July13th.  The wake was on Wednesday and funeral on Thursday. It's been a long week of driving and emotions. 

At the moment, we are headed back home (St. Louis), but are stuck in traffic in the middle of Indiana. (Just south of Anderson, Indiana. You know, where Amber from 16 and Pregnant is from and now in jail....seriously, no life in the car and google is my friend) It's a long drive home (at least 9 hours) and I am more than ready to be home with my fur-babies and my bed!! :)

Sometime this weekend or early next week, I will post photos of our trip and a recap of the trip/weekend. 

Hope you all have a great weekend and make sure you hug your loved ones just a little bit tighter tonight. :)

P.S.  I don't think I can thank my mom anymore, but a HUGE THANK YOU goes to my mom for taking care of my Mokes and Keeley!!! We couldn't have done this trip without you Ma!! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Recap of our 4th of July!

Oh how the alarm clock went off way too early this morning!  Gotta say, I was not a fan of it going off.  Oh well, just need to get through my day and the weekend will be here!! :) 

My 4th of July started with sleeping in.  WOOHOO!!!  I've got to get my sleep in whenever I can, just wish my body would be able to "store" the sleep so I don't get so sleepy all of the time.  

Andy decided to head over to his parents house to help fix the leak in their pool.  Turns out, it was a 3-4" inch tear in the liner.  They had to drain the pool, patch it and then start to re-fill the pool.  I went over to my parents house to swim at their house.  My mom and I went out to lunch at Firehouse subs, our first time ever eating there.  I decided on a simple salad (just lettuce, tomato and provel cheese).  So very plain but it was so very good and that is all that matters.  We went shopping at the mall and I got some awesome deals on some shirts for the winter time.  We then went home to soak up some sun!  

Once Andy and his dad finished repairing the tear in the pool liner, we met up to go to the downtown fair and fireworks show.  My brother was working that night (all of the city cops had to work on the 4th) and it was pretty neat to see my brother in uniform.  I had never seen him in uniform and it made me proud to see him.  We decided on dinner at the fair and settled on a tent that was selling hamburgers, hot dogs and brats (I mean, it's impossible to screw up one of those things grilling......or so I thought.)  I chose a cheeseburger and it was cold.  I'm talking not even a little warmth to it, just plain gross!  I am not the complaining type when it comes to my food, but seriously  you cannot sell cold I went up to ask for another cheeseburger because it was cold.  I kind of got a glare from some not so happy people but I didn't care.  Next cheeseburger, cold also.  I gave up.  My dinner consisted of a small bag of Doritos and some rainbow Dippin Dots......Andy kept trying to get me something else to eat, but the cold cheeseburger did me in and I was done.  

We ran into my sister in law, nephew and niece also!  That was a nice surprise.  Jackson was so excited that he got to see FredBird!  There is even an adorable photo of Fredbird and Jackson giving the thumbs up!  I really need to get that photo because it was just so gosh darn cute!!

We spent the rest of the evening people watching.  Very, very interesting with what people choose to wear clothing wise.  Some of the people I had to just shake my head at and question, "Why??"  

It was decided that we will watch the fireworks from where our car was parked and then as soon as those fireworks were over, throw the chairs in the car and get the heck out of the parking lot as soon as possible.  Uh yeah, not so much!  We moved about a mile in 45 minutes.....big mistake.  It was grid locked and people are cutting one another off and driving on the sidewalks (I kid you not).  We finally got moving (thanks to the awesome driving of my husband that evening, I was wiped by the time we got into the car and started moving).  We were home around 11:10 PM last night and I went straight to bed since I had to be up at 5:30 AM......

It turned out to be a pretty amazing day, spent with some amazing family!  You can't go wrong there!!  This weekends plans: date night tonight (Friday night); Saturday is to clean the house, laundry and maybe some pool time; Sunday, probably the usual shopping and getting ready for the work week (may have to throw some more pool time in on Sunday also).

Here is a preview of what our date night is including:
I am sooooooo very excited to see this movie!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Today, I am off celebrating the 4th of July with Andy!
I am not sure what today's plans are, but I do know that sleeping in, was a must!!  :) 
I am unsure if I will be able to get to see some fireworks that night, but we shall see how things go. I know a goal of mine is to get into a pool and relax.  Haha!

I wanted to share these funny photos I took of Smokey Tuesday night.
He was being hilarious, it looks like he wants to wear them.
He sure does have some expensive taste in shoes.  ;)