Friday, May 30, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up!

Hello All!!  What a week it's been with a really awful day at work on Thursday.  I thought this week for "5 for Friday" I would just recap my weekend for you all since I haven't even gotten to do that yet.  


We said goodbye to my favorite car I've ever owned and traded it in for a 2014 Toyota Prius.  Originally on Wednesday we were going to get a used 2013 Prius, but the dealer wouldn't come to a price that we would be ok with paying.  Saturday we decided to go look again and realized that the price different from a used to a new Prius in monthly payments is $25.  For $25 dollars more a month, we get a new car with 2 miles on it, we get the color that I really wanted, we get an awesome warranty, and we get 0% financing on the car.  SOLD!  As sad as it was to give up a car that was fully loaded, I knew that it was best for my family to get a car with much better gas mileage and a cheaper car payment.  


On Monday, Andrew and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary together.  We had NO plans for the day and we both had no idea what we wanted to do.  We started the day off with yard work.....then tried to go out to a nice lunch at this place called, "The Tap Restaurant".  We pulled up to the front doors and they were closed for the holiday.....dang it!  We then tired to go eat at another place and it was a zoo.  We went up at the ever fancy "Bellacino's" because we were both starving.  We then perused around Menard's and Motherhood Maternity (romance or what!?!!).  Dinner I went out and picked us up some "Bread Co" and we watched "Wolf of Wall Street"  (note, not a good movie, not worth the 3 hours of your life it will take for you to watch it.  Sorry Leo!)  


What weekend recap would it be without my Mokey cat??  Here he is, lying on my flip flop. The sparkles from my flip flop bring out the sparkle in his eyes....KIDDING!!


Keeley's first car ride in the Prius!!  She went out with me to pick up Bread Co for dinner on Monday night!  She loved it!  Like I had any doubts that she wouldn't like riding in the Prius!  


Wednesday was the ever fun Glucose testing!  Everyone always complains at the taste of the drink.  I thought it tasted fine.  Once I chugged it (seriously.....) my stomach began to hurt.  For the first 10 minutes I really thought I was going to puke.  I lied down on the exam table (because that was the only thing keeping me from throwing up) and felt better after lying down for a bit.  The doctor came in while we were on our hour wait until they could draw my blood and we got to listen to Baby Boy's heartbeat!  My favorite part of every appointment.  His heartbeat is great and he is growing great also!  

I am also happy to report that I PASSED the glucose test!!!!  Thank goodness!!!


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Thursday, May 29, 2014

25 Weeks - Bump Date

How far along: 25 Weeks!

Baby Size: The size of a rutabaga or a napa cabbage, weights around 1.50 pounds, and is around 13 1/2 inches long.

Weight gain: 6 pounds

Maternity clothes: the same as every week, all maternity pants and some maternity shirts.  I can tell that the regular shirts are not going to cut it here soon, plus I don't want to stretch them out.

Stretch marks: None
Sleep: some nights good, others nights are iffy.  With Monday being a holiday and me having it off, its really thrown me off.  I was up on Monday at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep except for a nap on the couch that morning.
Gender: Baby BOY!!

Movement: I am feeling him more and more everyday!!    

Best moment this week: Hearing baby boy's heartbeat at the doctor.  It's such a sweet sound!  We also have our daycare provider ready to go!
Looking forward to: Sleeping!  I just can't get enough sleep....

Food cravings: Capt n Crunch cereal, fresh grapes and fresh carrots.
  Anything making you queasy or sick: Heartburn has been KILLING me the last couple of weeks.  I forgot about the heartburn when I was at my doctor's appointment and thankfully Andy spoke up and the doctor has me on prescription Zantac.  Just started it yesterday so I am hoping it helps because food just doesn't taste good when EVERYTHING causes heartburn!
Labor Signs: None, let's keep it this way for another 13+ weeks!
What I miss: my energy and my brain.  Pregnancy brain is no joke....
Symptoms: the bigger belly, heartburn, swelling on my left side only, exhaustion

Nursery: The crib is finished!!!!  Now to pick the glider up that just got in yesterday, hang up the shelf, and put the little touches in the room.

Belly Button in or out? In and it's really stretching.  In fact, I am wondering if I will end up with an outtie...

Wedding rings on or off? On!  Hoping they stay on the entire time!!

Mood: Just depends on the day and I can cry so easily it isn't even funny!
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Weekend

I can't even begin to explain the amount of relief I feel knowing that starting at 3 pm for me today, it is a 3 day weekend!!!!!!!!!  I am exhausted, haven't been sleeping the best, and just want some relaxation time.  Not only is it Memorial Day Weekend, but it is also my 2nd Wedding Anniversary with Andy on Monday!  How has it already been 2 years where I got to wear the most beautiful dress, marry my soul mate, and celebrate with all of my family and friends?

I can't even begin to explain how I LOVE this photo!

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Tankini Swim Top - Black/White

I am obsessed with polka dots right now....How cute is this swim suit!?!!
I do have a maternity suit to wear thanks to my friend Ali, but this would be on my wish list for a swim suit if I didn't have one!

Merona® Maternity Sleeveless Maxi Dress - Assorted Colors Merona® Women's Knit V-Neck T-Shirt Maxi Dress - Stripes

How cute are these dresses??  I had a Target gift card burning a hole in my wallet and decided to pull the trigger and get these 2 off of their website.  I LOVE the colors on both dresses.  The striped dress I ordered in the "Navy/Green" color.  I am hoping that these look great on and will be great additions to surviving this summer being pregnant.  :) 

Crystal Light Liquid Strawberry Lemonade Drink Mix 1.62 oz

Nothing says summer like Strawberry Lemonade.  I picked this up on a whim and LOVVVVEEE it!  It's a perfect way to to liven up my water and tastes good too!

Cap'n Crunch's , 22 oz

My current craving/ fact, it was dinner last night.  I've been having major heartburn after every meal and it's getting really tiring and nothing sounding good to eat and then getting heartburn from the meal, so cereal for dinner it was.  Good thing my husband doesn't mind cereal for dinner too.  :) 

My favorite link-up with ChristinaDarciApril, and Natasha!

I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Weekend and I will update you all on Tuesday of my weekend ramblings!  :) 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

24 Weeks - Bump Date

How far along: 24 Weeks!

Baby Size: The size of a cantaloupe, weights around 1.25 pounds, and is around 12 inches long.

Weight gain:  up to 5 pounds

Maternity clothes: the same as every week, all maternity pants and some maternity shirts

Stretch marks: None
Sleep: back to every night is different.  It has to do with stress and my brain that just wont shut off....decisions, decisions
Gender: Baby BOY!!

Movement: I am feeling him more and more everyday!!  At night he is really active and I can feel him kick when I put my hand on my belly.  Andy has yet to feel him kick and I am hoping he gets to feel him kick soon cause it's breaking my heart that he isn't able to feel his baby move.  

Best moment this week: Touring the daycare that we are sending baby boy!  It's a huge relief to find a place that is so nice, affordable, and is available when he starts daycare.
Looking forward to: Getting the crib finished, doctors appointment on Wednesday of next week (the 28th) and seeing if I pass the glucose test.

Food cravings: Capt n Crunch cereal and grilled chicken are my current cravings!!! In fact, I could totally go for a bowl of Capt n Crunch cereal right now....dang cravings.
  Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing, YAY!!
Labor Signs: None, let's keep it this way for another 14+ weeks!
What I miss: nothing really right now
Symptoms: the bigger belly is totally here and it's starting to feel harder.  It's so strange to touch and know that a living human being is inside me!!!  LOL!

Nursery: Getting the crib finished, getting clothes washed, patiently waiting for the glider to come in

Belly Button in or out? In and it's really stretching.  In fact, I am wondering if I will end up with an outtie

Wedding rings on or off? On!  Hoping they stay on the entire time!!

Mood: Not too bad.  Just trying to juggle lots on my mind lately and it's making me crazy!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thinking overload

Sometimes I wish people could hear everything I am thinking and then other times I am glad people cannot hear what I am thinking because my mind is in serious overdrive right now!  Not only are we over half way in this pregnancy, but were starting the tours of day cares and figuring out which one would be best for Baby K, the possibility of me getting to be a stay at home mama (which sadly won't happen because we just cannot make ends meet with one income, even though my husband tried REALLY REALLY hard to be able for me to stay home), and getting rid of my pretty blue car for something with cheaper payments and possibly better gas mileage.  My car gets 24 city and 35 highway.  While I do drive a TON on the highway, we also use the car quite a bit for city driving, so if we could get a car with better gas mileage on both fronts it would be beneficial!

I had every intention on blogging yesterday, but I just had too much on my mind to type it all out. 

Friday was mellow.  I made dinner and then went out with my mama and sister.  My ever loving mother and sister are throwing me a baby shower and we received the invitations several weeks ago, we just hadn't gotten a chance to send them out.  We really needed to get them out in the mail, so we Jena put the invites together, stamped them and placed the address labels on them.  Thank you to my sister! :)  

Saturday was also mellow and I LOVED it!  I woke up around 10 am (late for me), started some usual weekend cleaning and ate some breakfast.  The afternoon was spent relaxing, slowly cleaning some more and watching TV.  That evening our neighbors invited us over for dinner (BBQ chicken and ribs) and a bon fire.  We didn't end up eating until 9 pm (I never eat dinner this late) and I was ready to hit the hay.  Especially since I knew I was getting up early Sunday morning to watching my nephew and niece.  

Keeley spent ALL weekend outside with us and LOVED every minute of it!

Sunday was early, but lots of fun.  My sister-in-law dropped off Jackson and Claire at 7:30 am and we spent the day watching movies, going to the park, and playing outside.  I think Jackson rode his scooter up and down the sidewalk between my house and our neighbors at least 100 times.  He started to get bored riding the path until I came up with the idea to time his ride back and forth and see if he could "beat" his time.  It was too cute!  That evening we BBQ'd with our neighbors again and ended the night at 8 pm.  We were so beat!  I don't know how all you mama's handle 2 kids!  I bow to you all.  My mom for having 5 kids, you deserve a metal or something!  LOL!
1.  Andy showing the kids one of the fish tanks in the basement
2.  Jackson and Claire riding scooters while I was walking Keeley
3.  Claire decided she wanted to walk Keeley.
4.  A good smile on Jackson on his scooter.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Uhhh...Where Did Spring Go??

Seriously, where did all that nice spring weather go??  Sunday, I was sweating like crazy! Monday, I was wearing t shirts, shorts and flip flops.  Tuesday, I dug into my winter clothes and have been wearing pants, long sleeve shirts, socks, warm shoes and a jacket.  It's been like that the rest of the week.  In fact, I only have 2 pairs of maternity work pants so it's been an odd week of clothing this week.  Jeans have been a staple in my wardrobe.  

Let's get to one of my favorite link ups of Friday!  PS, I am going above and beyond the Five things this week.....I took too many photo to not share.  :) 


Celebrating my "First" Mother's Day with my mom!  I made her a delicious breakfast.


Smokey LOVES being downstairs and looking out the sliding glass window at all objects that are at his level.  Most times you will find him in the basement at the door.


How we spent out Monday night.....replacing the garbage disposal.  Oh and by the way, replacing these things are easy to do, but the cost of a new one might shock you!


My Keeley wearing her thundershirt.  
I will say, it totally helps her not get so scared during thunderstorms!  




I'm kind of addicted by going to Goodwill and looking at baby these 2 onesies for a dollar a piece!  How could I pass up a Finding Nemo onesie and a onesie that has doggies on it?  The answer, YOU CANT PASS THEM UP!!


Smokey loves watching the Fishies!  


Some of our fishies.  
That one in the center is my favorite fish we have.  It's called a, "Christmas Fulu".


23 Weeks!!!
Baby boy is kicking so much and moving around! 

My favorite link-up with ChristinaDarciApril, and Natasha!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will talk to you all Monday!

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

23 Weeks - Bump Date

**Dang, I totally forgot to take a photo this morning!!  I will update this tonight after I get home.....Preggo Brain!

How far along: 23 Weeks!

Baby Size: The size of a large mango, weights just over 1 pound, and is more than 11 inches long.

Weight gain:  still sitting at 3 pounds

Maternity clothes: all maternity pants and some maternity shirts 

Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Pretty good lately!  I was dreaming about Justin Timberlake the other night and I am more than fine with dreaming about that man!  ;)  Haha!
Gender: Baby BOY!!

Movement: I am feeling him more and more everyday.  Most of the movement I feel is either at the top of my stomach or at the bottom of my stomach.  Nothing in this middle since that's where the placenta is.

Best moment this week: Picking out the dresser!  My mom bought the baby a BEAUTIFUL dresser for his room!  I even teared up a little bit when we were taking the dresser home because it was so nice of her to get him such a gorgeous dresser!
Looking forward to: Getting the crib sanded and painted!  Getting my mother's day present in the mail! I am so excited to see this necklace in person!  I am also getting more and MORE excited for the day that he is born!  Just to see what he looks like and know that he is actually mine!

Food cravings: nothing new here, just the usual
  Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing
Labor Signs: None, let's keep it this way for another 15+ weeks!
What I miss: food tasting good, dinner is always a struggle for me because I can never find something that I really want to eat....I am literally just eating to eat at times. 
Symptoms: sometimes nerve pain, using the restroom more, bigger belly, HORMONES!

Nursery: Andy is still sanding down the crib.  The rocker/glider has been ordered and the dresser is in the room at this moment!  It's slowly coming together and I cannot wait to show you all!  I have started to wash the things that I have purchased or given.  With the dresser being in the room now, I feel like I need to get things washed and organized.  :)  Currently I have a load of lots of sizes of clothes in the dryer waiting to be folder and organized.

Belly Button in or out? In but I can tell that it starting to stretch

Wedding rings on or off? On!  Hoping they stay on the entire time!!

Mood: Pretty good this week again!  The tears come all the time now, but I am not surprised.  I wear my heart on my sleeve. 
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Ever Guest Post!!

Hey hey all!!!  It's a super gloomy, humid day here at work and I get the joys of sitting in training all day at work....(insert excitement here NOT).  

Today, I wrote my first ever Guest Post over at Life: Oceanside with Hallie!  If you want to check out what I wrote, you can click here!  

My Blog

Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday and keep your fingers crossed that I can stay awake during training today (just kidding)!
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Celebrating My "First" Mother's Day

My weekend did not start off the way I had wanted it too, I went to bed on Friday night and plugged in my phone on my nightstand (like I always do).  I saw that it wasn't charging and was getting angry.  I got up, tried and different charging cable and again, it wouldn't work.  I gave up with a whopping 31% battery remaining on my phone and went to sleep.  I was awoken by my wonderful cat at 5:30 am on Saturday morning because you know he's hungry and he thinks I will forget to feed him.....(that's never happened by the way).  I got up, fed him and tried to mess with my charger again.  Saw that overnight while the stupid phone was "sleeping" that is used up almost the remaining battery charge (5% was left) and got even more angry.  I tried a different plug in the wall, tried the 2 cables I had on hand and nothing worked.  I eventually went back to sleep and woke back up to a dead phone.  The "googler" in me went on the internet to find out why my phone is all of the sudden not charging.  I had plans to go to the furniture store with my mom to get a dresser but told her it would be on hold until I could get my phone fixed. Andy left me his phone while he went out to run an errand so at least I wasn't in the house with no way to communicate if need be.  Someone on Facebook mentioned to me that I should try a brand new cable and plug (purchase one from the store).  I thought, "Why not, it might save you in gas and time in driving all the way to the Apple Store".  Let's not forget that my phone was out of warranty AND I was NOT able for an upgrade on a phone with my contract until 6/1/2014 (only 21 days away.....)  I called Andy to tell him that I was going to Target and he suggested I try the cable that was in my car.  I started my car, plugged in my phone and heard the glorious "Ding" of my phone connecting and charging.  That sound was bliss.....  

NOTE: please do not tell me just to get an android phone because Apple sucks, because I am not going to agree with you.  I had an android phone for 2 years and HATED IT!!!!  I regretted that phone and all I wanted back was an iPhone.  I am not a follower of Apple, I just like the iPhone better than any other android device out there.

So let's get back to the rest of my Saturday!

My mom did end up picking myself and Andy up and away we went to the furniture store.  Let me tell you, picking out a dresser for baby boy was MUCH harder than I expected it to be.  I am really glad that Andy went with us to help make the decision.  The dresser is beautiful and I cannot wait to show you all when I reveal the whole nursery!  My mom and I ran the usual errands (Target and Dierbergs) and stopped by my brother's house to let his dogs out and run around.  

Sunday ("Mother's Day")
This was my first time ever celebrating being a Mother and it felt strange.  Not in a bad way, but because baby isn't here yet, so I didn't have a little man to snuggle and love on.  Don't worry I got some snuggles from the fur-babies!  Andy gave me a card that he wrote in and then a printed photo of my gift.  He had to order it and it wasn't in yet.  I of course, being the pregnant, emotional girl, cried.  :)  Happy tears though!  I can't wait till my necklace gets here and I can wear that!
I had my mama over for breakfast!  We had pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese danishes (that I hand made). It turned out perfect and we were all full from the good food!  She opened her Mother's Day present, which was a pair of sapphire earrings.  She LOVED them!! The sapphire is also the birthstone for the month of September, so here's hoping baby boy arrives sometime in September!  If not, they are still beautiful!

Dinner we had over at Andy's parents house.  We decided to take his mom out to Home Depot to get flowers for the house.  I think every year we have gotten her flowers and this year was not exception.  It was really hot and muggy that day, so spending 30 minutes outside, we were all drenched in sweat.  Welcome to SUMMER weather, I'll be in the pool 24/7!  LOL!  We ate flank steak, baked potatoes, and salad.  It was all so good!  Normally food isn't that good to me now, nothing sounds good and I just eat to eat, but dinner hit the spot!  

We spent the rest of the evening in bed by 7 pm.  We were exhausted and I have been dealing with some swelling of the left foot.  Only the left food too.  So up it was propped along with some ice to ease the swelling.  It did help, but I am going to have to remember to get that foot propped up more often.
Left, swollen,  Right, GOOD!

My beautiful mama and I on my wedding day!
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Planting flowers

Good Friday Morning!
  Let's get to one of my favorite link-ups with ChristinaDarciApril, and Natasha!

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Sleeveless Smocked Maxi Dress - Assorted Colors

I found this dress at Target on clearance and LOVE it!  I wore it yesterday and it is the perfect length and color.  I paired it with my favorite color at the moment, a mint green cardigan.  I knew I was going to my nephew's preschool graduation that night so it was perfect to wear to work and to the graduation.


I got a photo of my adorable nephew, myself and Andy after his graduation.  I was so proud of how he did.  I can't believe he is off to Kindergarten in the fall!


I planted some new flowers for my front porch.  My porch gets almost no sun and these flowers are meant for the shade.  This is my first year planting these, so I am hoping they do good this year!


We moved my sewing stuff upstairs and Smokey decided he needed to "help" me out....Why do cats find the need to lie directly on top of what you are working on?  LOL!


I am considering purchasing one of these.  If I do a lot, my back really starts to hurt and I am wondering if this would help out the back some.  I know I am not very big yet, but the belly is getting bigger by the day and it would be nice to have some support of the belly and for the back.  
Has anyone else tried one of these out?  

 I hope you all have a fantastic Friday, a super Saturday and a Merry Mother Day Sunday!  
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