Thursday, April 18, 2013

Most relaxing lunch ever

Yesterday(Wednesday), I had scheduled an interview with an applicant at one of our other campus location.  The interview was scheduled for 1 pm so I took the opportunity to get out of my office at noon, stop at Lion's Choice for lunch and then head over to the campus for my interview.  I decided to eat my lunch inside the restaurant and just relax and enjoy myself.  Seriously, the best lunch I've had in a long time.  I had good food, read a book on my Kindle and just enjoying life.   

I sent this photo to Andy and my friend Ali and said:

I'm proud of myself because I relaxed, was not stressed one bit, and did not over eat!  Normally I would get a large roast beef, large fry and large Diet Dr Pepper.  Yesterday, nope not me!  I just got a regular roast beef (extra seasoning), regular fry and regular Diet Dr. Pepper.  

Next question you'll ask, "Did you go workout yesterday Jessica?"

Um, well no.....bad me!  I had planned on it but decided against it.  It was really hot and muggy and I needed to go to Walmart for some things and was already late getting out of work as it was.  But the gym bag stayed in the car, so the gym will be calling my name today. You can guarantee it!  :) 


Jen said...

I love lunches like this. They are so nice. :)

Mrs. K said...

It's so nice to be able to relax with an E-reader or good book. Glad you got to enjoy your stress-free lunch!

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