Monday, July 13, 2015

Family is where my heart is!

Hello everyone! I feel bad that I haven't blogged lately, but then again I don't (not sure if that makes sense or not, but whatever). I feel like some parts of my life are coming together and other's aren't and thats ok. Not everything has to make sense all at once! :) 

Luke has been amazing! He's getting bigger and bigger by the days and it's just amazing how fast he learns new things. Our lives were forever changed for the better the day that the pee stick said "Positive"! He is 10 months old (as of yesterday, 7/12) and is the light in our eyes.

Andy has been great too! I know he is having some hard times dealing with work but I get it and am as supportive as I can be. We have been getting along great (like always to be honest) and we just have a great time together. Yes we bicker and sometimes fight, but what couple doesn't?

Keeley has been jealous of Luke but to be honest, he does care a lot about him. In fact after a grocery shopping trip with just Luke and myself, I came home and got out of the car and Keeley ran over to Luke's side of the car to find him. Every once in awhile she will sneak him kisses and it's just too cute!

Smokey is reallllllly great with Luke! We couldn't ask for anything more from him, well maybe one thing, to stop meowing at 5:30am when he thinks he needs to eat every morning; including the weekends! 

Other than that, that's about it. I am hoping to make blogging become more of a priority now that I have a bit more time in the evenings.

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