Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Love and Marriage - Part 1

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How we met - 

Andy and I met while working together at Best Buy back in 2006.  He worked in the Geek Squad and I was a Senior in Operations (a step down from a Supervisor of the cashiers and customer service).  Andy would drive me nuts at work.  I always had a crush on him, but I never got the nerve to ask him out.  Plus, he was a smart aleck then.  Well he still is, but back then, I swear it was so much worse!

I quit working at Best Buy in September of 2006 and we went our separate ways, little did I know our paths would cross again several years later.  Facebook became big several years ago, as you all know.  I found Andy one night on Facebook and I friended him.  We exchanged comments one night when we was driving home from Michigan the summer of 2009.  I remember saying something like "Welcome to Missery (Missouri)".  It's a common Missouri joke.  

One night, in August we chatted on Facebook messenger.  We spent about an hour chatting and our conversation ended with exchanging cell phone numbers.  I was so excited to have someone new to talk to.  We began to text each other, A LOT!  I went to the lake (Lake of the Ozarks) with my brother and his family the weekend of August 21st.  Andy saved me because I dropped my iPhone 2 (yes you read that right, the original iPhone) and he had a temporary phone to hold me over that weekend. That Sunday night (the 22nd) we decided to meet up and do something.  The Hangover was out in theaters and I told him I really wanted to go see it.  So, it was decided, dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and a movie.  He paid for both, what a gentleman!  When we were driving back home, he told me that his birthday was that Saturday, the 29th.  I asked if he had any plans and he said no.  I was shocked and told him that we are going out to celebrate!  I had gotten several of my friends together and he got some of his friends together and we went to Fast Eddie's that night.  It's a really cool bar in Illinois with really cheap food.  Some photos were taken that night that I will cherish forever.  They are crappy photos, but really have some great memories. (I cannot find them at this time, but when I find them, I will post one for you all)  I remember my cousin Julie drove me home (I had too many to drink, which I so rare for me) and we stopped at White Castles.  I kept telling Julie how much I liked him and kept questioning if he liked me too.  

From that day on out, we talked everyday by text message.  Andy tried to "break up" with me (we really weren't a couple), but I wasn't having it.  I always knew that we would be together.  When they say you know, you just know.  I would agree with that statement.  The longest we have ever gone without talking to one another since 2009 was 5 days during our "break up" period.  I was the one to call him first, and for some reason he decided to keep me in his life.  I would say it's a good choice.  :)  

Check back next week to hear about our life together in 2010!


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Aww I love this, it's always nice to read how couples got together. :) Can't wait to read the rest.

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