My Story

Hi!  My name is Jessica! 

I am a 30 year old embarking on a new journey in life.  I am learning to find new hobbies and seeing the world, well at least the United States.  I love to bake, but have found that I eat what I bake, therefore, it causes me to gain weight. Which is no good!  So I decided to find a new hobbies.  I decided that I wanted to try my hand at sewing with a sewing machine, and really enjoyed doing it.  I also am trying my hand at training to run a 5K.  I am inspired by the Couch to 5K and want to prove to myself that I can do this!  My new at hand trying is this blog.  I love to read blogs and thought to myself "I can do that".  I want to stay committed to my blog.

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  I've travelled all over the United States and considered moving out of state at one point but there was always something keeping me here, most of the time it was my family.  My family and especially my mom mean THE WORLD to me!!!   I have 1 brother: Jeff, 2 half brothers: Jack and Joe and 1 half sister: Jena.  The halves aren't really halves.  We have always considered them another sibling.  I also have the most adorable nephew Jackson who is 5 and a beautiful niece Claire who is 3. 

I graduated high school in 2003 and college May 2009 with my Bachelor's in Human Resources Management and currently an working for a non-profit agency as a Human Resources Assistant.

I married my best friend Andrew (Andy) on May 26, 2012 and have two fur babies, Smokey (our cat) and Keeley (our dog).  We built our first house and moved in on September 2011 and love it!  The neighborhood is very young and a lot of the couples in the neighborhood are getting married and starting families.

Our lives are about to change because I am pregnant with our first child, a Boy, and am due September 11th.  Every time we say the due date, we get the "Oh that's an awful date" look, but we are not fazed by it one bit.  It's just a due date and if I do happen to delivery on that day, then so be it!  It will be a special day where we get to celebrate the birth of our first born!

My blog is to inspire and just keep everyone up to date with my life.