Monday, June 8, 2015

Working Out?

Oh hey there! Yep I'm alive and here and what not. Guess my blogging has been sporadic at best (obviously) which makes me sad because I love to read back at what was going on a year ago. Oh well I'm doing the best I can. 

So one of the many perks at my new job? A free gym to use! Yes I said free!! The last two weeks I was acclimating myself at the company and trying to get comfortable. Over the weekend while I was bloated and felt like an absolute cow I decided "gosh dang it Jess, get off your butt and work out". So that's what I'm doing! Today was the treadmill! You've got to start somewhere and that is what I am doing! I need to tighten up this stomach and lose some weight. Do I have any baby weight left to lose? No actually I didn't put much baby weight on at all and after birth I dropped the weight so fast. So now it's time to finally get rid of the flab and make me look fab? How about just make me feel comfortable about myself. Working out on lunch has even motivated Andy to work out, so watch out! 

Monday, June 1, 2015


HAPPY is the exact mood I felt all week long last week. I can't even describe how happy I am without wanting to cry. Tuesday I started my new position as a Human Resources Specialist at a new company and all I can really elaborate on is "Night and Day" from my last job. 

I'm official!! New name badge for work. 

I moved all my stuff in on Wednesday and made it more my office. It makes me feel at home to have my photos around. 

Of course going in on my first day I had butterflies and didn't really know what to expect but by the end of the day and even by the end of the week I knew that I had found a great company. Not only is it a great opportunity for me to advance in my career, but it is also a place where they take care of their employees!!!!! What a concept! I know that not everything is perfect and yes every job has their flaw, however; I am taking this opportunity and running with it. 

I am also doing somethings different now than I have in the past:

1. Stop stressing so much! 
2. Ask questions from everyone you can at your job. Don't be afraid to speak up!
3. Be positive! Not that I'm not a positive person, but don't play into bad moods or think the worst in every situation. 
4. Stop comparing people to the people you've worked with in the past. Keep an open mind about everyone!
5. Stay on top of filing! Lol!! Seriously though, I hate to file and if I don't file after awhile the pile gets bigger and bigger and the hatred of filing gets worse! 
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