Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Recap #4

What a dreary, crummy, cold, and just plain gloomy weekend we had!  We didn't get the see the sun until Sunday evening at 7:30 PM when we were on our way home from dinner.  Crazy!!

We haven't seen the sun since Thursday....

I would recap the weekend, but to be honest, it was not that trilling except for the 5k on Saturday which I plan to recap on Thursday for you all!  :) I thought I would just show off photos I took this weekend.  :) 

How cute is this photo of Andy and Keeley!!

Smokey burrowed himself in the guest room comforter.  When I went to pick all of the sheets up, I noticed it was so heavy and he was inside them all comfy as can be!

Look at that sweet face! 

We had just gotten home Sunday night and apparently Keeley really missed Andy.  I thought this was so cute!

 Andy decided he wanted a snack before bed, so both animals decided to "hang" out on the bed in case Andy wanted to "share" his snack.

Haha!!  Such beggers!


Jen said...

Boo for not so great weather, adorable pictures though. :)

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