Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Social #12

Welcome to another weekend edition of Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

Once again, I'm linking up with Ashley and Neely for Sunday Social!  

1. What is your shopping weakness?
Most anything.  I love to shop, ask my husband.  If you really do ask him, he will mostly just roll his eyes.  :) The credit card gets used mostly at Target.

2. What is your food weakness?
Depends on what I am craving.  Lately it's been pizza.  Weird because I never wanted pizza before, but now I love it all the time.

3. What is your go-to movie to watch when nothing is on?

Most anything that is on TV.  Right now, Tangled on ABC Family.  Last night, Pretty Woman.  I'm easy going.

4. What is your go-to breakfast food?
Coffee with sugar and vanilla creamer in the winter.  A fruit smoothie in the summer.  A couple hours later it will be a bowl of multigrain cheerios or oatmeal.

5. Do you drink coffee?  If so how do you take it?
French vanilla coffee with vanilla creamer and 2 teaspoons of sugar


Jen said...

Haha oh I love to shop, thankfully Kyle is such a good sport about it.

Sean@HisAndHerHobbies said...

Your husband probably rolls his eyes because he is mentally counting the bank balance dropping :) Target is a great place to shop and one I frequent fairly often myself as its not a great zoo like Wally-World.

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