Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

I woke up this morning so very tired.  I cannot figure out why, except for maybe I am just catching up from my bad nights sleep with my cold.  Every morning I have an audience while I shower,  it's what happens when you have animals.  Keeley and Smokey both think they need to be in the bathroom while I shower, which is fine because most of the time they just lie in my closet and wait for their Mama to finish getting ready for work so they can eat (Smokey) and be let outside (Keeley).  This morning just Keeley joined me.  If Smokey does not join me, I can normally find a paw under the door waiting for me to let him in.  I took photos so you guys could get a good laugh at it.  I think it's hilarious personally.

 Ma, let me in!!

The moment I touch his paw, he pulls it out from under the door and waits for me to open the door.  Hilarious!  I swear he is part cat and part dog!

Last nights dinner was delivery pizza from a Saint Louis based place.  I am not going to name their name because I did not have a pleasant experience with them, in fact this is the second time in 2 weeks they have messed my order up.  I did not complain last Friday because it wasn't that big of a deal, they just forgot to cut my pizza.  I ordered a personal size pizza for myself so, it wasn't hard to eat.  But last night order, I was not a happy camper.  I ordered a large pizza that came with an order of "cheesy bites", "toasted ravs" and "cinnamon sticks", a medium pizza, and a side salad.  {Note, this was not all consumed last night and we had a friend over too}.  We received our delivery and missing was the "cheesy bites", "toasted ravs" and "cinnamon sticks".  Seriously!?!  Normally, I would have let it go if one thing was missing, but all three of those things were missing.  So a phone call went in.  First a girl answers, and she says, "It's in the pizza box".  Nope sure isn't, I'm looking in the box.  Then she says, "Are you sure?".  OK, really??  Yes I am sure!  So she says hang on.  Passes the phone to a manager.  Of course he asks how he can help me, so I have to explain again (I hate that).  He says the same thing as the girl, "It's in the pizza box".  OMG!  Nope it sure isn't.  He says, "Are you sure?"  (About to explode here.....)  Yes I am sure, I am looking in the pizza box at this moment.  I then hear silence on his end.  I say, "I'm not lying here, I just want what I ordered".  He says, "Oh I believe you"  (Uh, no you don't.....)  He then tells me that he will send out the missing things right away.  I may be a cheap person who likes to save a buck here or there, but I am not going to scam some restaurant out of money and lie.  I just want what I order and pay for.   Needless to say, I won't be ordered there for a long time now.  Sad, but true!  

On a positive note,
Easter weekend is right around the 
corner and I am ready for it!


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Hahaha my cat does that too!!! :)

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