Friday, February 28, 2014

Last Day of February

Happy, Happy Friday!!! 


Grey's Anatomy came back on last night.  I was looking forward to seeing if April chose Jackson or Matthew, but was thoroughly disappointment in the story line.  So disappointed, that I fell asleep mid-way through the episode.  Andy woke me up at 9 to tell me to turn the TV off and get some sleep.  I guess I will catch the second half after work today.


Last night Keeley decided she wanted to cuddle in the middle of the night.  I'm not talking cuddle in the middle of my legs like she always does.  I'm talking cuddle up near me so that I can pet her and hug on her for a good hour.  She never likes to cuddle in the middle of the night like that, so anytime she wants to cuddle, I am game!  Obviously I have no photo of the Keeley cuddles since it was pitch black in our room and I'm not about to take a photo in the dark. 


Smokey decided he wanted to cuddle on the couch too.  Normally if you pick him up and set him on your lap, he wants nothing to do with cuddling.  But last night, he decided he would stay. LOVE!!  


It's still cold here.  We did get some nice weather last weekend on  Friday and Saturday, but that was short lived when a cold front came through Saturday evening.  Today they are calling for rain then turning over to snow by the evening.  Sunday is calling for ice and snow for most of the day and into Monday.  I heard predictions of around 6 inches and possibly more.  We shall see though.  Only 21 more days till spring, but then again last year it snowed after spring started....UGH!  I am so sick of my winter clothes.


Loving this iced coffee again, Maxwell House International Cafe Iced French Vanilla Coffee packets.   We did a BIG pantry clean out a couple weekends ago and I found these hidden in there.  It may be cold out, but these are pretty tasty in the morning!


Lunch date today with the hubby!  We are going to meet at my favorite place, Lion's Choice! We work about 20 minutes away from each other, so sometimes when he doesn't have anything to bring he will meet me at Lion's for my Friday lunch (it's about half way between our works).  

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and stay warm out there!!  
I am sure I have lots of puppy and kitty cuddles coming my way this weekend.  :) 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Smokey!!

Today we celebrate my Smokey's 4th "Birthday"!  Why is "Birthday" in quotes you ask? Because we consider his adoption day his birthday!  When we adopted him on February 26th of 2010, we were told her was 1 year old.  Today in 2014, he is considered 4 years old to us!  

This morning started off like every morning.  I woke up to a cuddly cat right next to me.  I shower and get ready for my work day and Smokey meow's reminding us that he is hungry and not to forget to feed him (seriously, we have NEVER forgotten to feed him and how could we when we have a cat who is meowing at us!  LOL)  He came downstairs and waited for me to put his wet food in the bowl and then looked at me like, I didn't want this flavor for my birthday.  Tough cat, it's what you got!  LOL.  He ate it anyways because he was hungry.  :)  He even posed for a photo for me before getting his food.  

Smokey loves his food, loves to cuddle, loves to play, especially loves toys with cat nip inside, loves his Keeley, and loves his mama and dad!  Happy 4th Birthday to my Smokey!!  

P.S. I realize this post makes me look like a total looney toon, wishing my cat a Happy Birthday, however; I don't care.  He's my baby and I love him so!
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Monday, February 24, 2014

My weekend in a nutshell

I want to do a weekend recap, but I don't really want to type everything out like I always do.  So, I am going to try something a little different today....We shall see how this goes.

...Olive Garden you were a total disappointment Friday night.  You were super slammed (which I expected for a Friday evening at 6 pm), however; your lobby is the WORST to wait in while you're waiting for that table.  Your food was a TOTAL disappointment (really tough chicken and cold pasta) and I was not thrilled one bit with you.  In fact, I just filled out a survey with my disappointment.  Next time, I'll be sure to stick to the Olive Garden by my house which I have never had a problem with food wise.

...Warm weather where did you go??  Saturday it was t-shirt weather until about 4 pm and then the cold front came in and you made me sad.  

...Mom and Sister, SO glad we spent so much time together this weekend!  Those memories will last me a lifetime!  :)

...Husband thank you for allowing my Mom and Sister over for a movie Sunday afternoon and for cleaning up your man cave.  It was so sweet of you!  :) (We watched "The Heat" with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy).

...Pineapple Upside-down Cake, oh how I forgot how delicious you are!!  I made a homemade Pineapple Upside-down Cake from scratch for dessert Saturday night and it came out FANtastic!

...Smokey you are not very helpful when it comes to sewing, but I still LOVE you so!!!

...Sprecher Root Beer, I am SOOOOO glad I found you at Menard's Friday night!  I might have to have some Root Beer with my dinner tonight.  :)  P.S. You make me miss our friends up in Wisconsin, Nick and Laura that much more too!

...Keeley you are such a cuddle bug and I LOVE it!  Keep it up with lots of cuddles.  :) 

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Makeup Routine

I am not the most fashionable person in this world.  In fact, i'd rather be in sweats and tennis shoes than dressed up.  When it comes to work, I dress in business casual and try to look my best.  Makeup is a given also for me at work, but I've learned to keep the makeup at a minimum.  Lately these have been my go to items in the morning:

1.  I am a big person on moisturizer, especially in the winter because my face dries out so much.  I decided to try the Olay BB Cream because I had a really good deal with CVS.  I picked up this moisturizer and an Olay fash wash for $6 total!  After hearing the reviews of the BB cream I was a little bit skeptical, but I will say that i really like the cream.  It gives great moisture on my face and covers up blemishes and marks on my face.  You can find this BB cream at most drug stores and big box stores.

2.  Cover Girl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara in very black.  This mascara I heard really good things from Lauren Elizabeth and I am not a big loyal person to a certain kind of mascara so when I was needing a new tube of mascara, I went with what was recommended.  I do have to say, I really like the mascara.  It doesn't go on clumpy and the brush stays nice and clean (which is a win in my book).  If I had one complaint, it would be the build-up of extra mascara that builds at the end of the wand....but you get that with all mascaras.

3.  Clinique blended face powder in transparency neutral.  My mom actually gave this to me because she didn't like all the loose powder.  I love it though.  I LOVE how big this powder container is and for only $23.00 its last me at least 6 months.  It's not the best coverage, but for someone who wants just a little bit of coverage, this works just good for me!  

4.  Any neutral eye shadow is good for me!  Lately its been NYC HD Color Trio that I received from my Influenster box or its Bare Minerals eye color in Nude Beach.  If I had to choose a favorite, hands down it would be Bare Minerals eye colors!  I love the coverage of color you get with a nice shimmer.  

With nicer things that I sometimes attend or dress up for, I got with my Bare Minerals primer, foundation, and mineral veil.  I was using this on a daily basis, but with the cost of the makeup and I found something that works for things that I don't care as much for.  (Is that I bad that I don't care to dress up too much for work?  If so, who cares!)  

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Good Morning from home once again this winter season!  I can normally handle snow, unless we get a blizzard.  However, ice is another story and I chose not to fight the ice because you will NEVER win against ice!  

I've been up since about 3:30am this morning due to waking up from a nightmare and then trying to get comfy again to fall back asleep.  Then around 4am a big thunderstorm came through which absolutely terrified my Keeley and I had to try and comfort her.  With the thunderstorm came ran which instantly froze to the streets here in St Louis.  Where I live, we got more rain which means more ice.  Thankfully we still have power, but it's still a pain. 

My plan for today is work from home until around noon when the temperatures start to warm up above freezing so that I can get into work safe and sound.  I am very thankful for being able to work from home when needed.  

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  Very lazy in fact!  

Friday night (Valentine's night) we did end up going out to dinner to Dewey's, but the place was PACKED!!  We reached Dewey's around 5:30pm and waited a good 40 minutes for a table.  We had a problem just getting to the seating hostess because there were at least 6 people blocking the walking area to get to her.  In fact she yelled out our name again and I yelled back, "Were over here and stuck behind these people who are blocking the path".  Probably pretty rude on my behalf, but what else was I suppose to do?  Once we were seated, we received excelled service and the food was good too!  We got home around 7:30pm and I was sleeping by 8:30pm.  

Saturday we spent the day mostly at home.  ABC Family was playing some fun "chick flick" movies so I spent a lot of the time on the couch.  Keeley has been attached to me all weekend long.  Anytime I was lying on the couch, she was lying on my legs and getting comfy. The only time we both got out of the house was to let my mom's dogs out while they were in Columbia visiting my brother Jack. We live a thrilling life, what can I tell you.

Sunday wasn't much better.  I did get up and make Andy the cookies that he has been asking for, M&M cookies.  He's been asking for about a month for these cookies and I finally got to making them for him.  I then went over to my brother's house where my mom was watching Jackson and Claire.  Andy and I then went over to his parent's house for dinner.  We found out that his sister, Kelly is engaged.  Her boyfriend, now fiancĂ© proposed on Valentine's day.  So congratulations to them!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

I have to admit, in the beginning of my relationship with Andy, I was the type of girl who loved having flowers sent to her work (especially on Valentine's Day), wanted to exchange presents and have a romantic dinner and movie!  I do remember our first Valentine's Day together.  We went out to dinner at Maggiano's and to see the movie, "Valentine's Day" (what a good boyfriend he was).  That night it had snowed, so driving back from the movie to home was quite an adventure.  

This year I asked Andy if there was anything that he wanted to do for Valentine's Day (let's face it, this holiday is for girls and invented by Hallmark).  He didn't care what we did and asked what I wanted to do.  I thought about it and said, no gifts and just dinner out somewhere.  I am sure he was thrilled that we were not doing gifts this year.  We are really trying to save up money and if that means no gifts for Valentine's Day, then I am happy!  :)   

Dinner tonight will hopefully be at Dewey's.  I know, not super romantic, but we both love it and that is all that matters.  I said hopefully because in St. Louis we are expected to get another "wintery mix".  1-3 inches of snow and a possible glazing of ice.  I can't even begin to explain how excited I am......NOT!  

Last night I wasn't feeling the best and Andy got home late from work.  Dinner was at Penn Station (their Tuna salad is to die for!!!) and then came home to watch a little TV.  Our neighbor's Melissa and Ryan came over and we just sat around and talked for bit.  No Olympics watching for us because we do not have cable hooked up to the basement.  

This was the best spot of the basement last night. 
On Momma's lap right in front of the heater.

Keeley decided it was a good spot to lie in also.

Making himself comfy, like always.  :) 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap, Week 2 February

Here we go again, it is Monday and I can't believe that the weekend is already over with.  It's super cold again today and it snowed last night, the norm here in good ol Missouri.  

Friday -
was spent eating dinner with our neighbors at Chick Fil A because we had nothing planned for dinner and nothing sounded good to eat.  We then spent the rest of the evening in the basement watching Tokyo Drift (Fast and Furious 3) and me falling asleep in the recliner at the old lady time of 8 pm....

Saturday -
we went out to Brunswick Bowling alley to celebrate my nephew Jackson's 5th birthday.  This year he requested to bowling during "glow bowl" which turned out to be a lot of fun, but really hard to get some cute pictures.  I did end up getting one good photo with the birthday boy.
Today,(Monday, 2/10) is Jackson's 5th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Jackson!!

After the bowling alley I took Andy to the grocery store with me.  It's nice to have him come with me every once in awhile so he can get some snacks that he's been wanting lately.  After shopping we came home, put on sweats and spent a good chunk of the time in the basement watching "Duck Dynasty".  I napped for a good hour (it was well needed).  The evening we watching Fast and Furious (number 4) and I ended up in bed by 8 pm.  I spent the rest of the evening with the Olympics on in the background and finished reading my book "Something Blue".  I joked with Andy about the Olympics because I was watching a snow boarding event and said, "I dont know how they judge that because I'd just give a gold medal to everyone who didn't fall after those wild jumps!".  He laughed at me.  I also learned a little bit about ice dancing and their "twizzles".....I never knew that a twirl is called a twizzle in ice dancing.

Sunday - 
we took a road trip with our neighbor's to a fish store.  It was an hour and a half away in Illinois. The store was pretty cool and we took home 4 new fish for the fish tank.  While driving back home it snowed, and pretty much snowed until around 9 pm that evening.  We went to my mom's house for dinner to celebrate my brother Jack's birthday.  Chicken (we call it Favorite Chicky), mashed potatoes, corn, salad, mac n cheese, carrots and celery, and pizza dip were on the menu!  So good!!  Unfortunately, I did not get a photo with Jack.  My stomach was hurting when we were getting ready to leave and I forgot.  :(  Jack also had to get back to Mizzou and I didn't want to hold them up any longer than needed, especially since it snowed a little bit.

That's about it for my boring and cold weekend.  I'm really hoping that the cold starts to go away and the warmth starts back up.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My absence

I know that I have not written a lot lately, and actually I am OK with it.  I do have some things I could talk about, but let's face it, I am just too lazy to type it out.  I've also been in a funk lately. Really moody and just not positive.  I thought rather than blogging negatively, just to not blog at all, so if you see my absence continue for a bit longer, you will hopefully understand why.

List "O" Things to Talk About

1.  This weather!!  Seriously, I am SO OVER the snow and cold!  If spring came tomorrow, I would be one happy chick!  If it's not snowing, then it's frigid temperatures that are too close to the negatives.  Last weekend my mom, sister and I went out on Sunday like always.  It was so cold and windy, I told my mom we could only go to one store to shop.....seriously!  Target you are our NUMBER ONE!  Thank goodness all of our Target's have the grocery attached to it.

2.  Sunday's Super Bowl was just plain BORING!  Andy and I were invited over to my friend Ali's house for her Super Bowl party and the company was more entertaining than the actual Super Bowl itself.  The commercials were OK, except for the Budwiser Commercial with the puppy. That commercial was a "Melt Your Heart" kind of thing.  The half time show was good, but it didn't make sense, Bruno Mars was awesome the first part.  Red Hot Chili Peppers were EH and then to find out that the guitar and bass were not hooked up to sound makes them even more stupid.  Bruno's final song was nice but just a weird way to the end the show.  

3.  Cabin fever has set in for Andy and myself.  The gym is non-existent in our vocabulary.....really wish I didn't say that but its true.  We even have a treadmill in the basement, but to actually get off of the couch when it's just so dang cold out is just not possible.  Hoping that some warmer weather is headed our way soon.....

4.  This up-coming weekend we celebrate the birthday's of my nephew Jackson who is turning 5 and my brother Jack who is turning 19!  I know that bowling is on the agenda for Saturday and I think a meal at the Cheesecake Factory on Sunday for Jack!  

5.  Last night I purposely watched "The Biggest Loser" finale because a friend and old boss of mine was attending the live show to support their friend and contestant Marie.  I found Brian and Kristina right away on the TV, even paused it and took a photo!  Of course I uploaded it to Facebook and tagged them in it.  Brian texted me and said, "It was lots of fun and that they were so proud of Marie".  

6.  Smokey and Keeley are doing well.  Smokey is his usual self.  Yesterday I left work at noon and knew that he would be expecting to be fed when I got home, NOT!  He meowed and meowed until 4pm, which is the usual feeding time.  You would have thought we were torturing him...Keeley has been doing pretty good considering walks are now a thing in the past and she loves to run in the snow.  Unfortunately, we found poop in our guest room this morning and Keeley got in trouble.  She was not happy with her mama, but you know, you have to be told NO when you do something bad.  I was instagramming them up last night too.  #sorrynotsorry for the overgramming.  :) 

7.  Top Chef season finale tonight.  I am hoping that Nina wins because I DO NOT like Nicholas at all.  He's too much of a whiner all season long and Nina has been killing it all season long.  

Okay, that's about all I can think of at this moment.  Until next time, stay warm!  :) 

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