Our Home

Andy and I moved in together after being a couple for 6 months.  Fast, yes, but when you know you're with the one, you just know.  We moved into an apartment and while it was an ok place to live, we knew it was not a long term option for us.  Our year lease was up in April 2011 and we decided to extend another year since we weren't looking that hard for a house.  I always thought I would purchase a house once I was married.  Andy talked me into looking at houses AFTER the 2nd year's lease was signed.  He wanted to get an idea as to what was out there.  Well guess what, we found a house we loved, in the price range we could afford and a loan that was unbeatable.  We found that house, one month after signing our lease......thankfully since we had so many problems with the apartment and we explained why we wanted out of our lease, the apartment agreed.  We moved out of the apartment Memorial Weekend (May 2011) and moved in with our parents houses while the house was being built, his parents on the weekdays because it was closer to our place of work and my parents on the weekends. 

Construction on our house officially began on:  June 6, 2011

Closing on our house was officially on:  September 3, 2011

Our house is a two-story, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath.  We opted for most of the upgrades of the house.  Our favorite upgrade is the two boxed bay windows.  They give just a bit more room in the living room and kitchen.  Another awesome upgrade, adult height vanity in the master bathroom.  So worth it!  You can definently tell a difference when you use the sink in the guest bathroom compare to our bathroom.  I feel like I have to bend over so far!