Friday, March 13, 2015

Rain and LOTS of it!

Thank goodness it is Friday! Seriously, this week was dragged on and I thought it was never going to end! Yesterday just felt like a Friday so it kinda feels like groundhog day today since today is really Friday. It's a rainy and dreary Friday at that! At least it's been nice all the other days this week and we were able to get out daily evening walks in. Keeley and Luke are in heaven during those walks. :) 

Photo 1: My thoughts on this rainy Friday. At least it's Friday!
Photo 2: A boy and his dog on their evening walk. LOVE!

Today I am picking up my car from the shop. I can't go into detail at the moment of what happened, but let's just say I got into an accident (thankfully Luke and Andy were NOT with me that morning and I am OK too) and the poor Prius (that isn't even a year old) needed to be fixed. As much fun as the rental has been (Nissan Rouge), I am ready to be back in my Prius. 

I am not a very fancy blogger. I have used to write my blogs and to read my favorite blogs and lately, it has been making me disgruntled. I am finding that most of my favorite blogs that I have listed in the left hand column of are showing up in my feed, but some are not. What is up with that? Also, I used to get an email every time someone would comment on my blog that was posted for that day and now I am not. Am I doing something wrong? 

Well anyways, I have decided to move my blog reading over to BlogLovin'. I am soooooo late to the game in this and have had Blog Lovin' for a good 2 years now, but I am finally taking the plunge in actually using Blog Lovin. 

Better Together and Forever

Luke turned 6 months old yesterday! How can he be that old already!?! But then again I look back at life before Luke and it's hard to ever imagine our life without him in it! It's been the best and hardest 6 months of my life and I wouldn't change a thing about it! He is the happiest, calm and generally in a good mood baby. 

Speaking of Mr. Luke, it is time once again to move his bottle nipples up to the fast flow. I noticed this morning that he is collapsing the nipples because he is too fast at drinking the bottles. Thank goodness for and their deals. As much as I like to shop in local stores, I prefer the prices on more often than in store deals. I picked up 3 packages of these and 3 packages of these. :) 

I love to look every once in awhile at the Buy Sell Trade pages on Facebook in my area and came across a deal that I just couldn't pass up. A lady posted her son's Baby Einstein's Jumperoo up for $15! I jumped at the chance at getting it and was the first to comment so it was mine!!!  Luke tried it for the first time yesterday and while it took him some time to get use to since it's not exactly like his Fisher Price jumperoo, I think he will love it in time. It will be nice to bring this outside too so that both Andy and I can get stuff done outside but Luke will also be entertained also since he's not crawling or walking yet.

 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Playing Catch-Up!

Hey guys! I would say "Sorry" for my unplanned radio silence around here. Life lately has really gotten me down and sometimes I just like to go silent to deal with my things. So let's bullet point life, shall we?

  • Luke is 6 months old today! I plan on posting his 6 month stats on Tuesday of next week. Reason being, his 6 month check up is Monday night and I wanted to get his height and weight on there. :) 
  • On February 16th, Luke officially slept through the entire night and hasn't woken up since in the middle of the night for a bottle!!!!! What a huge accomplishment! I was too afraid to say something until now because I didn't want to jinx it. Of course he will wake up and whine a little bit but then he puts himself right back to sleep. I am so proud of him.
  • Spring weather has FINALLY hit St. Louis and I LOVE IT!!!! We've already partaken in several walks around the neighborhood; both Keeley and Luke are in heaven when getting to go on a walk. 
  • My 31st Birthday is one week from today.....where in the world has time gone and how am I almost 31?!?!???
  • I've been really interested in essential oils lately but am not going to lie, I am disappointed by a certain oil company and how they handle their sales. I get it, but at the same time, I wanted to spend over $200 in essential oils to get the promotion of the month, but I would have had to purchase my oils at retail price and not wholesale price since it would have been my first order. That right there stopped me in my tracks at purchasing the oils. 
  • I am also realllllllly disappointed in my Otter Box case for the iPhone 6. I got the Commuter Series Case and we've already contacted Otter Box once for a replacement slipcover (it's bright pink brand new). After 2 month of use, the pink is dingy and gross. I am highly happy with Otter Boxes customer service, but not thrilled with this case. Also the case is cracked in two spots. I've never dropped this phone so how is the case cracking? What I'd really like? An entirely new replacement case, the Defender case in classic dot (navy blue with white dots). We shall see!
  • I've been unhappy with our house for a little bit now and like to wish that we could move, but it's just not in the cards for us right now. One random day I decided that we should go look for new living room furniture to open the room up some. Found some furniture and BAM our living room looks HUGE now! Another post for another day for you all to see the outcome! :) 
  • We also installed some hardware on the kitchen cabinets to make them look a little nicer. Thanks to my mama for the Lowe's gift card from Christmas! :) 
  • We are looking at FINALLY getting a patio in our backyard. It is well needed and with Luke loving the outdoors as much as he has this week, I am thinking it's a must now. Oh how money spending never stops.

First Walk of 2015!

I think he LOVES stroller walks! :) 
I also think he looks like his Mama here!

Just having a LOT of fun in the airplane swing!
He's a little bit too small for it, 
but give him a month and he will be perfect size!

 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png