Saturday, April 27, 2013

Menards Home Improvement Store

Let's face it, I am not that much of an outdoorsy type of person.  Camping in a tent sounds like torture and I am not a fan of getting dirty.  I always see people having garden's and think, I can do that.  But in all honesty, I just don't think I would be able to keep up with a garden and the watering and the bugs and weeds.  I saw my blog friend, Jen set up her own Herb's to grow at her place and I thought to myself, I can do that at least!!  

Monday night we ventured off to the new home improvement store in Saint Louis, Menards

Holy cow is this store HUGE!!!
I swear it would take hour's just to look at everything in that dang store.

I scored a big deal there.
4 of these water bottles for $7.49 a piece!!!
That's a huge deal when these things normally go for almost $20 a piece!!
We picked up 2 grey ones, a red one and a blue one.

We also found this awesome chair there:

How much fun is that chair!  The arms hold 6 drinks too.  Seriously it was on sale for $99.99 a piece.....I think I'll pass.  But it did provide a funny photo!  :) 

We also picked up a new lunchbox for Andy to take to work and some herb seeds to plant.  The seeds were on sale $1 a packet.  Not sure if that was much of a deal or not, but I was happy.  The following herb seeds I picked up: sweet basil, cilantro, chives and parsley.  

I plan on planting my seeds when we get back from our trip to Wisconsin.  I hate to plant the seeds, they start to grow and die while we are gone because they haven't been watered.  Of course I will have to update you all on my planting and growing process.  :) 


Jen said...

That's an awesome deal on the water bottles!

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