Our Story

I found this street sign just as Andy and I began to date.  I think it's fate if you ask me!

I married my best friend, Andrew (Andy) on May 26, 2012.  We met back in 2006 while working together at Best Buy.  We both left there to go to other jobs and didn't stay in touch.  One night in 2009 we found each other on Facebook and started to talk again.  We went out on our first "date" on Sunday, August 23rd to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings (his favorite place to eat) and went to see "The Hangover" because I still had not seen it yet and he said he would take me.  I found out his birthday was that following Saturday, August 29th and he had NO plans for his birthday.  That was unacceptable so I planned a little get together for his birthday at Fast Eddies in Alton, IL.  A couple of my friends got together and his friend Andy came also.  We had a great time and we continued to talk everyday.  We never made it official of be coming boyfriend and girlfriend but decided that October 10, 2009 would be our "anniversary". 

The Proposal

Andy decided to propose to me on December 25, 2010.  All my family and his family knew about him proposing.  He thought it was a good idea to throw me off by wrapping a "present" and putting it under my tree.  This box was huge and heavy.  It threw me off because I could not even imagine what was in that box!  Christmas Eve night and the next morning Andy says it was really hard for him to sleep.  That morning he woke me up around 8am to have us open our presents to each other.  We were to be at his parents house at 1030am that morning, so it gave us time to get ready also. 

When I opened my box I found a brick in it with a note card attached to it.  The note card sent me to the oven with another clue, then to the laundry room with the 3rd clue, to the guest bathroom for the 4th clue and finally to the Christmas Tree.  There my ring was, hanging on the ornament that I had given him several weeks prior.  He then asked me to marry him.  I was speechless and cried little tears.  It was special moment between the both of us that I will never forget.  Of course, I kept the clues because I keep all the sentimental stuff.

My first clue was in this huge box!  The clue was attached to a brick.  My second clue was in in the laundry room.  The third clue was in the bathroom.  The fourth clue in the kitchen and my last clue led me to the Christmas tree.  My ring was attached to the ornament I game him weeks earlier.  Andy's mom and grandma helped him come up with the "clues" for me to find my ring.

My ring on the Christmas tree.  Hard to see, but it was a very special moment.

My ring!!  So sparkly!

LOVE my ring.  He did an amazing job picking it out!!

Our Engagement Photos
We decided to take our engagement photos at the St. Louis Zoo.  The Zoo here in St. Louis is free and has some great places to take some great photos!  I loved how they came out.