Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend Recap #3

Good Wednesday Morning!

This was intended on being posted Tuesday, however; I got home from work yesterday and just didn't feel like finishing this post.  All I had to do was post one more photo.  Silly me. 
It's gloomy, rainy and cool today; not how I wanted to spend this Wednesday.  Monday's weather was absolutely perfect (High around 70 degrees), yesterday andtoday, rain and cold.  Boo!

Here's the recap from the weekend:

Friday - 
I left work and was heading home to meet up with my friend Ali and her boys to see my house.  While driving on the highway I noticed a light on, on my dashboard.  My trunk was open.  I think I must have hit the trunk button on my key fob in my purse while at work and my trunk was slightly opened.  Well I was on a busy highway and didn't feel like pulling over, so I got off at the nearest exit.  Waited for what seemed like forever at a stop light to pull into a parking lot to shut the trunk.  I swear it took me forever to get home.....  Andy and I went to dinner at 54th Street Grill and it was PACKED!!!  I kept checking twitter to see if they had found the Boston Bomber yet.  By the time we got home, he was found in the boat and about to be arrested.  Thank god he was found.  I know, not a thrilling night, but it was relaxing so that was nice.  :) 

Saturday - 
I met Ali and her boys at Chick Fil A for lunch (YUM!) and of course we went to Target to shop around.  After we parted ways, I shopped in Kohl's and found a frame on clearance for $13.99.  I checked my emails to see if there were any Kohl's coupons and BAM! there it was, an extra 20% off of anything!  Score!  I picked up my frame for $11.00 with tax.  (Now, I just need to get wedding photos printed finally and hung up!)  

I also found a little light that will clip onto my sewing frame so I can see the "boxes" easier in my cross stitch.  Thank you Michael's for that 50% off coupon!  Although, I did notice that Michael's has changed their App and you are only able to use that coupon once.....that was different.  Sewing light, $9.99, with coupon $4.99.  

While getting back into my car I was going to open my sunroof and nothing....these were my exact thoughts, "fjdfklajgiohdgiloafidlfhadif".  Ok not really, but still I was mad.  I decided to hit up the KIA dealership before the service department decides to close and get this noted and schedule an appointment to have it fixed.  The car goes in the shop on Thursday evening and a loaner car will be given to me.  Hopefully it wont take long to fix and it gets fixed right away.  That night we made dinner at home and I wanted frozen yogurt (I'm obsessed, what can I say!).  So off to Chill Frozen Yogurt we went.  
I was in a fruity mood.
Fresh Florida Oranges and Pink Lemonade Frozen Yogurt
Mango and Strawberry Boba's and maraschino cherries

Sunday - 
Shopping with the mama and my sister.  The usual: Target and Dierbergs.  Lunch was at Olive Garden.  YUM!!!!!  Oh how I love Olive Garden.  Half of my chicken parmigiana went home with me for lunch the next day.  I came home and started on some of my cleaning.  Most of the time was spent on the couch with Keeley.  Andy had brought me home a surprise.  I light to go next to the couch to help me see my sewing!  How lucky am I!! He was called out on Instagram for being #husbandoftheyear.  
Dinner was the ever boring Taco Bell...haha!  Just wasn't in the mood to cook and neither was he after working so hard on the basement.  I really need to get photo's up for you all to see the progress so far.  Andy and Tim are doing an amazing job on the basement.  It's also amazing how fast everything is going!!

That's about it for my weekend.  Nothing too major, just the usual at home stuff.  :) 


Jen said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend! :) You can never ever go wrong with Olive Garden haha.

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