Friday, April 26, 2013

High Hive for Friday #2

Oh Friday, how I love you so!  :) 
The alarm went off at a very early 5:15 am this morning and it took me so very long to get out of bed....wished I could have slept a little bit longer.  Getting up early tomorrow is going to be rough....Sunday you will be my sleep in day!  

Let's celebrate this Friday by giving it a High Five!

  1.  Keeley and I cuddling on the couch, this is a daily occurrence that I am MORE than OK with!  :) 
  2. Smokey joined us at the dinner table for dinner.  He sits in his chair and waits for a little something we are eating.  NO JOKE!  That night he got a couple very small pieces of bacon.  HAHA!
  3. Isn't this chair HUGE!!  I love it!  We checked out Menard's Home Improvement Store Monday night and I had to get a photo of me sitting in that chair.  For sale, only $99.99.
  4. Andy drinking his home brewed beer.  That was the first taste of his first ever home brewed beer.  He was so excited.
  5. WAFFLE WEDNESDAY!!  Yes you read that right.  In our household we decided that Wednesday nights were going to be Waffle Wednesday.  :) 
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Paige Ladisic said...

I love that picture of your cat sitting at the dinner table! My cat, Gabby, does that every single night at dinner and almost always chooses the chair that already has someone sitting in it.

Happy Friday!

xx, Paige

Jen said...

Haha I love the chair, I need one. :)

Anonymous said...

Home brewed beer!? Awesome!
Have a great weekend!
stop by some time

Ali said...

Smokey at the table!! That picture is hilarious! Love it.

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