Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Social #13

Welcome to another weekend edition of Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

Once again, I'm linking up with Ashley and Neely for Sunday Social!

This week these questions are all about your childhood.

1. Did you sleepwalk as a child?
No, but apparently I was a really big mover when I slept.  I am told that at night, I would fall asleep at the head of the bed, in the middle of the night I would turn myself to the foot at the bed and by the time I woke up I would be back at the head of the bed.  Weird....

2. Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house?
Heck no!  I am a goody good!  All I had to do was ask if could go somewhere.  Normally it was a yes unless we had something planned with the family.  It helped having Ali down the street from me.  My time to come home at night was when the street lights turned on.  

3. Did you have any imaginary friends?
Nope, never.

4. Did you ever go toilet papering?
Once, my senior year.  We toilet papered our band director's house because we placed 1st at a band competition.

5. Did you ever sneak tv shows you weren't allowed to watch?
Nope, never had that problem.

Bonus Question:
What were your favorite old school toys you played with?

My Nosy Bear, you pushed the tummy at the balloon in the nose would blow up

Cabbage Patch Kids, I am pretty sure I had the one on the top.  The second one my cousin Julie had and I loved that thing!!

My brother got this flash light one year for either Christmas or his Birthday and we use to play with it when we were suppose to go to bed.  You could change the light color, either clear, red or green.

Who remember's when McDonalds gave these away as a Happy Meals  Toy one Christmas?  It's the Muppet Babies!!!  I loved the Muppet Babies!

Pound puppies and Pound Kitties!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


Ali said...

Nosy bear??!? Crazy, but I love it. Muppet babies!!!! Pound puppies and kitties! And that flashlight was the BEST. That was awesome - thanks for the blast from the past!

Jen said...

I always had to be home when the street lights came on too!

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