Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mother Nature

I wrote yesterday about our impending thunderstorms that were to come our way yesterday and boy did they!  Around 7 pm last night I heard the wind start to pick up and rain start to fall.  I turned the news channel to see if there was any weather updates and there were many!!  About 10 minutes into watching the weather, the tornado sirens start up.  That is when my heart starts to pound my chest so hard.  You never know in Missouri where a tornado will just show up.  The line of red in the thunderstorms was a huge line down the state of Missouri and when you start to see that line start to bend, you get nervous.  When you see that line bend into a circle, you run for the basement.  OK so really you should run for the basement the minute you hear the tornado siren's but we don' sad but true.  The threat for tornado's in my area cleared, but the threat was still in the area just south and north of us.  

It isn't confirmed yet, but at least 1 tornado did touch down about 25 miles away from me.  It isn't too far away from my work.  No one was killed and I don't think anyone was hurt either, thank goodness.  But there is a lot of work to be done in that area for those people.

Sorry for us, we found several leaks in our roof.....yup that's right.  A home that is 1 year and 7 months old and we have leaks in the roof.  I have contacted the roofer about the warranty on our roof , they will be out in 5-6's hoping it doesn't rain hard core again.  If they won't do anything about it, then we are off to home owners insurance, ugh!  But you know, that's the price you pay for home ownership....

The only photos I have from last night was just before the storm hit, Smokey decided to be a lover and wanted to cuddle with me.  :) 

Please ignore the hair, my hair of  course!  :) 


Jen said...

So scary, please stay safe!

Angie said...

I always run outside when I hear the tornado sirens. :)

Sorry to hear about your roof! I hope they fix it under the warranty.

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