Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Recap

Recapping 2014:

Luke made me a Mommy on September 12, 2014!

2013 was one of the hardest year's of my life and 2014 was one of the best year's of my life. I never thought I'd be lucky enough to become a mother and now that I am, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Luke is just such a blessing and means the world to me.

This guy right here is my rock. He had made every dream of mine come true. He dealt with some major hormones this year and has become a great Father to Luke. 2014 was a FANTASTIC year for the both of us and we cannot wait to see what comes in the future. We celebrated 2 years of marriage and watched us both turn 30! 

My mom became a grandma for the 3rd time. She was so great during my entire pregnancy and labor and just loves Luke so so much! I think she wore the earrings we gave her for Mother's Day (sapphire earrings in honor of the month the Luke was born) for a month straight in anticipation of his arrival. :) 

One other person I cannot forget to mention is my friend Ali. She is without a doubt the BEST!! I can text her anytime or day and she is always listening and answering my silly and crazy questions without any judgement. I'd love to post a photo of her and I up, but sadly I do not have any accessible at this time.

Happy New Year's Eve and Welcome 2015! 
I can't wait to see what is in store for us!
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Let's Try This Again....

Wow what a crazy 2 weeks it's been and I haven't blogged in quite sometime again. It makes me sad that I'm not blogging, but to be honest, I just don't have the time for it right now. I swear every time I pick up the laptop to blog the baby wakes up from his nap. So this blog post here is being written on the iPhone on my blogger app. I also have to add that I am not a fan of the blogger app either. It's hard to type on and it's glitches several times while I've tried typing up Luke's  Birth Story (yes I still plan on getting that out too!

Let's recap my weekend:

Luke had been sleeping in our room in the rock n play and Friday night Luke was extra crabby and refusing to fall asleep. Earlier that day I told myself and Andy that I was going to work on Luke sleeping in his crib starting next week (Sunday night). Well he just wouldn't go to sleep so I took him out of our room and rocked him for a bit. I set him down in his crib and he whined for about 5 minutes and then zonked out! Success!!! The rest of the night/morning he was up every 2-3 hours but at least we were moving in the right direction of having him sleep in his crib!! 

We needed to get out to Best Buy to do an exchange on my camera. Yes you read that correctly. My DSLR decided to not work on the day of Luke's birth (no joke). Andy tried turning on the camera and it wouldn't turn on at all. Of course the silly question of, "Did you charge the battery came up" but I had really charged the battery all night long the night before delivery. So needless to say on one of the most important nights of my life, we didn't have the good camera. Bummer. Good thing cell phone cameras are good quality now! So we get to Best Buy to do the exchange. We go over to customer service and I ask "Now with this exchange this is an even exchange and I want the same thing, so I don't have to pay the difference, right?" (Andy purchased the camera for $539.99 and the camera was now marked up to $599.99) She told me as long and I was even exchanging that it wouldn't be a problem. No less than 5 minutes after she says that, she then looks at the receipt and says we owe the difference. Uhhhh come again? I stand my ground and say no I will not pay a difference, please get me a difference. Manager on the radio says to let me even exchange it, UH DUH!! Why would I pay $60 more for a camera that broke for no reason of my own? Dumb!!

We also went to Babies R Us. I wanted to get a formula pitcher. I know, I sound ridiculous, but I was hoping since little dude is getting 90% formula that it would help with the gas bubbles in his bottles. We picked up the Dr Browns Formula Pitcher for $16.99 and then used a 20% off coupon and I had a coupon for a free Dr Browns Fall themed bottle!! Yes please!! 

The rest of the afternoon/evening little dude was quite crabby so we spentd it at home. You can't do much with your baby likes to cry. 


My family has a tradition of going to the pumpkin patch every year together and this year was no different. I plan on doing a post separate of the pumpkin patch for you all to read.  

We spent the rest of our afternoon/evening together as a family of 3. Dinner was a easy decision of French Toast Sticks. Thank you SAMs forsaking me addicted to those again...

I have to share this photo from Sunday morning. I had a bowl of cereal and let it sit on our side table for a bit while I just sat around for a bit watching tv. Andy was holding Luke and he was starting to get grumpy so I handed him the pacifier. Well Luke wanted nothing to do with the pacifier so andy set the pacifier down on the table or so he thought. It landed in the bowl of milk that was leftover. I laughed so hard. 

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Last Weekend Recap of 2014

Back at it Monday morning. OF course I forget to get the Christmas photos off the DSLR over the weekend so today will just be a weekend recap. 

Friday - 

I had to work, BOO!!!!  But Andy was off and it was his first time spending the entire day with Luke and without Mommy. They did come up to have lunch with me though, so that helped make my day less miserable. We ate at Dewey's Pizza. That night was spent mostly on the couch hanging out. I haven't had much of an appetite during dinner so we decided on the ever easy toast for dinner. Butter and cherry jam for me!

Saturday -

It was a cold and dreary day but I had to get out to get some more formula. We stopped by Target and picked up some half off wrapping paper. The cashier told us that they were out and some more must have come on their truck. Score for us! Costco we picked up some formula and a new toothbrush. We picked up the Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Rechargeable Toothbrush, 2 pack for $129.99. So far we are LOVING the toothbrush. 


The rest of the afternoon/evening was filled with a nap on the couch, cuddles with Luke, and cleaning out a bunch of things we don't use in our kitchen. We got rid of so many vases (from our wedding), appliances that we don't use, and gadgets that were old and that we replaced but never got rid of the old ones. It felt nice to clean up that part of the house. We need to tackle the guest room and closet next. That will probably happen on New Years Day since we are off. Dinner was toast again for dinner. Andy made himself some chicken patty's.

Baby wearing at Tarjay
If you ever say that you miss being pregnant, wear your 14 pound child in a carrier like mine (Ergo) around Target for an'll remember how it feels to be pregnant again. LOL!

Baby and his toy monkey! 

Sunday - 

I decided to make breakfast but didn't want a "sweet" breakfast. So I whipped something up on my own. I baked some potatoes that I cut up small in some extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Added some leftover turkey sausage and topped with some sharp cheddar cheese. Ta-Da!! It came out pretty delicious! I then went out shopping with my mom and sister. We stopped by Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works, Target, and Ulta. I was so tired after shopping.....I really need to get back into working out if just walking around and shopping is wearing me out. It doesn't help that Luke still wakes up twice a night to eat.....will it ever end!?!! That evening Luke was super crabby, I'm pretty sure he is teething, so bath time was bumped up to 6:30 PM. Unfortunately, early bath wasn't as helpful as we thought it would be. I made the mistake of binking Luke at 9:30 PM which woke him up more and then caused him to demand to be fed at 10 PM. I think I finally fell asleep at 10:30 PM and was back up at 2:45 AM to feed the hangry monster again. 

Potatoes, turkey sausage and sharp shredded cheese

Such a big boy wanting to help hold his bottle.

All in all, a good weekend like always and spent with my favorite people on this Earth!

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Last Friday of 2014!

I know this week that 5 on Friday was suspended due to the Christmas, but since I have to work AND I really wanted to blog, I thought why not. I'm going to keep on with the 5 on Friday! :) 


Christmas was so fun this year, especially with having a little one around. This time next year we will have a 15 month old....WHAT!?!! That's not right, he's going to be my little baby forever, right?!  I'll recap Christmas Eve and Christmas Day next week. I planned on doing it today, but all of my photos are on the DSLR.

TWO - 

I never knew this book existed until I found it one day. I read this to Luke last weekend and he loved it! The bonus of this book, there is a puppy and a kitty in the story! Just like my Smokey and Keeley! :) I am sure it will be a favorite of Luke's for year's to come.

Amethyst  - mug

We LOVE tervis cups in our house and I might have gotten a new purple mug for Christmas! :) I just wish the tervis' weren't so expensive. Our collection is slowly growing by the years. 


I have read so many great things about essential oils and I think I am finally ready to take the plunge and purchase some. I know I want at least this starter kit and we shall go from there! 


Did anyone else catch Thirty One's AWESOME sale last week? I did and I managed to spend $70 on some fun new totes for me! I can't wait till they arrive! This Retro Metro fold over bag I order and even had it personalized with a pink colored J!

Well that about sums up my Friday. Andy is coming up with Luke and we are going to go out for lunch today and more than likely have a nice and relaxing evening at home.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve Morning Adventures

Ya'll, I think I have lost my mind!  No seriously, where in the world did it go? Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and while seeing my OBGYN isn't my favorite thing in the world, getting my appointment covered for free (thanks to hitting the deductible earlier in the year) is! My appointment was for 4:40 PM and I decided to stay at work until 4 PM. I thought that I'd rather get paid to sit around than get to the doctor's office really early and not get paid. I arrived at my exit on the highway 25 minutes later....I was still 15 minutes early and I knew he was really booked up and there was no way he would be able to see me on time. So I went into CVS to get a bottled water and walked around for 10 minutes. I then arrived to my doctors office at 4:38 PM and they ask for my name. I give it and the receptionist tells me, "He at the other office today".......UGH!!!! I'm pretty sure my face turned white because she told me not to worry and she would let the other office know that I am on my way. I arrive at that office at 4:50 PM. The receptionist asks me if I'm Jessica. I said yes, "I am the dummy who went to the wrong office...." She laughed and said it happens more than you would think. 

This morning was another realllllllly early morning for Luke. I'm not talking our usual wake-up time for work/daycare at 5am.....I'm talking 3:30 AM!!!! Buddy, you're killing Mommy with the 3:30 AM wake-up calls. I'm fine with giving a bottle, but PLEASSSSEEEEE go back to sleep. So this morning I was able to take a long shower, put makeup on at home (normally that happens at work), unload the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, load dirty dishes in dishwasher, clean cookie sheets, make coffee, feed the cat and take the dog out. Luke totally made up for the fact that he was up at 3:30 AM though, I was able to capture a photo of him and I and he is smiling in the photo!!!!! YAY!!!

Thanks little dude! You're so cute!!

Andy and I load us into the car along with Luke and we head to daycare at 6 AM like we always do. We arrive, get out of the car and we're stopped by the morning daycare teacher telling us that the daycare doesn't open until 7 AM today because it's Christmas Eve......uh for real?!??? So guess who came to work with Mommy today? I figured since I knew he would sleep at least half the time I am at work and several of my co-workers never got to meet Mr. Luke, that I would bring him in. Plus, I'm only working a half day AND I really wanted to make sure I was able to give my boss her Christmas/Birthday present. Currently little dude is sleeping and he can stay that way for as long as he would like! :) 

At 11 AM, I will be leaving work to go pick up Andy and we will be meeting up with our best friends Nick and Laura for lunch. They finally get to meet Luke and I know they are so excited to meet him! Then at 3 PM we will head over to my mom's house to celebrate Christmas with her and my family! So excited to see everyone and watch Jackson and Claire rip into their gifts. Next year Luke should be into Christmas too. :) 

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

First Christmas Ornaments

Andy and I were both born in the same year, 1984. Because of this, him and I both have the same First Christmas ornament; except his is "boy themed" and mine is "girl themed". This year was no exception on getting Luke his First Christmas ornament in 2014. Grandma Carolyn was sweet enough to provide his First Christmas ornament and I just LOVE it!!!

How sweet is this ornament. :) 
I took a photo with the color lights and the white lights.

Here are all 3 of our "First Christmas" ornaments together.
Mine is the pink colored one and Andy's is the white colored one.

Thanks to Grandma Carolyn for providing such a beautiful ornament to add to our tree this year and for many many years to come!
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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Jammies!!

I never knew that jammies and dressing a boy would be so much fun, but boy oh boy is it ever fun! In fact, I think Luke's jammies are my absolute favorite outfits that I put him in. I love even more when he can wear holiday themed jammies. We've been rocking our 3 pairs of Christmas jammies for a good month now and I'd love to share them all with ya'll.

Reineer Jammies

Santa Jammies

The "Official" Christmas jammies he received this year
They have little reindeer on them.

Hanging out in our jammies all day

Telling me all about his Santa jammies

Love you little guy!!

Make sure to visit JulieDarciAshleyJenny, and Natasha and everyone else who linked up today for the Christmas Pajama Party!  I love Christmas jammies and can't wait to see everyone's little ones in their jammies!
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Counting the days till Christmas

ONE - 
Luke met Santa last Saturday for the first time ever and he seems to enjoy himself. I wish I had gotten a smile from him, but really how much can you expect from a 3 month old? We waited 2 hours and 30 minutes to see Santa year we will go with another plan to visit Santa and not wait so long. 

TWO - 

Sunday I went grocery shopping with Andy and little dude.  Luke decided he didn't want to sleep while we grocery shopped, so Mommy got an arm workout in. Note to self, put Ergo carrier in car in case Luke decides he needs to see everything.


My boss turns 60 on Christmas Day and we decided to celebrate her birthday with her earlier than her actual birthday. I decorated her office and we surprised her when she came in that morning. It was AWESOME and she was so surprised! She was so touched that I had done that for her. We also surprised her with a cake too. It was such a fun day!


A little Mommy and Baby yoga on Sunday morning. I was sitting on  the floor and put Luke on the floor with me too. I think this photo is just too cute!


OMG seriously, this kid is a heart melter!!!  I went to wake him up this morning and this is how I found him in the Rock n Play, resting his hands on top of one another. LOVE!!!!!

Andy received a free $20 gift card to Domino's and we decided to order from them last night. Normally we would have this delivered, but we were out of the area for them to deliver to, so I went out and picked it up. I was in my pj pants but really didnt care and when I pulled up I saw this!  A drive thru pick up window!!!!! I was so excited to not have to get out of my car in the cold! Thanks Domino's! :)

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