Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekend Recap #2 / WIAW #18

Before I start my weekend recap from last weekend and the WIAW, I would like to send out my thoughts and prayers to those affected in Boston.  I realized I am way behind on posting my weekend recap and just got the WIAW post in on time .  The recent events in Boston and now in West, Texas at the fertilizer plant have really made me sad and to reflect on how much love I have in friends and family around me.

Friday - 
My weekend started off just as they all do.  Leaving work early on Friday!! :)  I left work and was determined to hit the gym.  I even packed a bag of gym clothes to take with me so that I didn't have to stop home and come up with some excuse as to why I shouldn't go work out.  Another reason why I packed a bag, because when I get home, the animals thing, "Dinner time!!" and are restless until I feed them.  So the gym it was.  I have to say, I am quite proud of myself.  I spend 30 minutes on the tread mill, 10 minutes on the elliptical and spent another 20 minutes on abs and arms.   Dinner was at Saint Louis Bread Co (Panera Bread for those who do not live in Saint Louis).  We spent the rest of the evening watching tv.  So thrilling, I know!!!

That morning I was going out to my friend Ali's house and to deliver an old weight bench that I sold to someone in Ali's neighborhood.  We made $50 off of that thing instead of selling it free on craigslist!  :)  I got my workout that morning and moving the weight bench and multiple weights from the car and to the porch.  I then made my way over to Ali's house.  She first showed me that house that they are going to build.  I am so excited for her.  The new house will be twice as big for her and her family!!  We then made our way over to the Mills Mall where we of course shopped and spent money.  I ended up purchasing 2 shirts from Old Navy.  My total bill, $4.90!!  The shirts were buy one, get one free and I had a $5 coupon!  Woohooo!  That evening we barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs with Andy's parents and watched, "Man on a Ledge".  Really good movie.  

Sunday - 
I planned on my usual cleaning of the house (vacuum, laundry, dishes).  I completed it all and had to run out to get some things from Target.  A cornucopia of some groceries and some cleaning supplies.  Thank you Target for carrying both!  :)  I originally was only going to get a couple things, instead; I came home with a cart full of items.  Go figure, I was at Target!  That night I planned on a nice dinner with Andy to a new pizza restaurant I had been wanting to take him too.  It's called Dewey's Pizza and it is sooooo good!   I was a good blogger and took several photos from that night. 

Andy was THRILLED to find out they had on tap, Dead Guy Beer

Good ol water for this girl!  :) 

Random geese walking in the parking lot

My AWESOME ceasar salad!  Seriously, I should have gotten a large salad it was that good!

Olive Oil, Minced Garlic, Mozzarella-Fontina Blend, Fresh Basil, Roma Tomatoes

Andy's Calzone.  It was soooo good too!  It had ricotta and mozzarella cheese in it.  He added, ham, bacon and pepperoni in there.  I had a bite and it was fantastic!


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