Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Today will be the last "Fall" Edition of "What I Ate Wednesday"
You can link up here with other WIAW Fanatics like myself here.

Can you believe it will be December on Saturday!?!!!
Where did 2012 go??


Breakfast was the ever boring hot tea and oatmeal.  I found this oatmeal at Walmart from Rachel Ray.  It was $2.00 a box, 8 packets in each box.  How can you not go wrong with .25 cent breakfast for a week and 1 day?!??  I bought both flavors, Apple Cinnamon and Apple Cranberry.  My favorite is Apple Cinnamon, the Apple Cranberry is a little tart for my taste, but the cheap-o in me, eats it for a different flavor and to not waste is.  Ill look for other flavors the next time.   The hot tea was Celestial Seasoning "English Breakfast" Tea.


Chobani Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt


Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and a homemade Imo's side salad 
(forgot to get a photo of the salad, I was soooo hungry!!).


27 Cheez-It Crackers
(Yes, I counted them out, it helps keep track of calories)


 Yes, we went out to eat to dinner on another WIAW, 
I SWEAR, we DO NOT eat our every night!  

Tonights dinner was brought to us by Penn Station.
8" Tuna Salad with Provel Cheese, Lettuce and Tomatoes.  (YUMMY!!!)

Ran into an ex-boyfriend at Penn Station tonight for was a little scary when I looked up and saw him.  I just stared and Andy and he was so confused.  I told him, things might get awkward  my ex just walked in the door.  Sad to say, but thank god he didn't notice awkward would that have been!?!!

Evening Snack

100 Calorie Pack of Mini Fudge Stripes
(I was craving major chocolate and these do the trick at only 100 calories a bag!)

Well that does it for this final edition of WIAW-Fall!



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