Friday, November 16, 2012


What in the world is, "Fitbit"?  Fitbit is this nifty little "pedometer".  It is so tiny and cannot feel being worn, but it keeps track of the number of steps you've taken a day, the number of flights of stairs you've taken, number of calories burned, number of miles total you've walked, and it even keeps track of your sleeping habits.  Yes, you have to wear it while you sleep, but you keep the tiny pod in a wrist band.  I was a little skeptical about it when Andy brought it to my attention, but we ultimately decided to go ahead and get one for each of us.  We are both competitive type of people and it would help motivate the both of us to work out more.  

Wednesday was the official "Day One" of the FitBit and man it motivated me to work so hard!   On their website you log-on and post your food diary to what you ate all day.  It will keep track as to how many calories you have for the rest of the day, how much water you have drunk all day, and if you go over your goal or not.  I am thinking Sunday will be our "cheat" day.  I do not plan on posting my calories on Sunday because you cant have a cheat day and then obsess about how many calories you've eaten.  Great timing with this since next Thursday is Thanksgiving......guess Thursday will replace the following Sunday's cheat day.  You can hold me accountable to that!  :) 

My goals for the day are as follows:

  • Walk 10,000 steps a day
    • This goal is hard because I sit at a desk all day, so I have to put a lot of steps in after work.  It's good though, it forces me out of the house to either walk Keeley around the neighborhood or walk on the treadmill in my basement.
  • Walk 10 flights of stairs a day
    • This goal is easy, we have steps in our house, and there are many stairs at my work.
  • Walk 5.00 miles a day
    • A tough one at first, but I will work my way up there
  • Burn 2,387 calories a day
  • Have an activity goal of 1000
    • This is determined by the amount of activity you've obtained in the last 24 hours

Wednesday, I achieved the following goals:
  • Steps: 10,440  :)
  • Stairs: 13 :)
  • Walk: 4.43 miles
  • Calories Burned: 2,490 :)
  • Activity goal: 1001 :) 
Thursday, I achieved the following goals:  

(this was my "off" day of working out, but I still took Keeley on a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, im a good mommy!  :)
  • Steps: 5487 
  • Stairs: 13 :)
  • Walk: 2.29 miles
  • Calories Burned: 2341
  • Activity goal: 855
I only wanted to work out every other day, but this may have me motivated to at least walk my 10,000 minimum steps everyday!!

I am leaving you with the cute messages the fitbit leaves me,

Enjoy your Friday evening!



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