Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday Evening - I got off of work at the glorious time of 2:30 and headed over to the library to return some of my books and get some more.  As funny as this sounds, I forgot how useful the library is.  Yes, I know I could always pull out my iPhone or computer and 'Google' whatever question I had, but it's always nice to have a book out in front of you to read on whatever topic you want to research about.  I spent an hour there and had every intention on starting my weekly cleanup of the house from the week, but decided I was too tired to do anything.  Dinner ended up being chicken patty on a bun with a side salad and a handful of Cheesy Munchies.  Delicious and not good for you what so ever, its all in moderation.  :)  Was in bed and out by 9 pm I want to say.  So sad the life I live now, and I don't even have kids!! 

Saturday - Clean, Clean, and more Clean.  Saturday has become my "official" cleaning of the house day.  We try to keep as much clutter to the minimum during the week, but there is always that random stuff lying in the living room and kitchen counters.  I vacuum the whole house with the help of Andy of course.  Laundry gets started about I would like it to be finished that day, it does not always happen.  Bathrooms cleaned, trash taken out of them.   Also because it was such a beautiful day on Saturday (80 degrees out), I decided to put the Christmas lights outside.  No, they are not on at night, I just put them up.  Heck yes I am taking advantage of such a nice day out to put my awesome Christmas lights up. 

Even after all that activity for the day, I took it upon myself to work out.  I did 30 minutes of Zumba on the PS3 and walked Keeley around the neighborhood.  Go me!!  Can I just say, I am not a coordinated person, I trip over my own feet all the time, so me doing Zumba is quite embarrassing.  But you know what, I try to do it at my very best and that's all that matters. 

Andy and I had been talking about going out on a "date night" for quite some time now.  We finally had the time and took advantage of it!  He took me out to my absolute favorite resturant with my VERY FAVORITE MEAL OF ALL TIME: Chicken Parmesan at Olive Garden!!  I LOVVVEEEE their chicken parm!  Since you get salad and breadsticks with the meal, I leave half of my meal for leftovers, which made for a delicious lunch on Monday at work.  :)   We spent the rest of the evening walking around a mall and working off all those carbs we consumed at Olive Garden. 

Sunday - Sunday is always a day I have reserved for girls shopping day.  Target, Lunch at Subway, attend a 31 party at my neighbor/friend's house: Melissa, and grocery shop at Dierbergs.  What a life I live!  I should get my order in from 31 in 2 weeks.  I'll show you all what I got then.  The temperature when I woke up that morning the temperature was around 70 degrees, by 4pm it had dropped to around the 40's and yucky, cold rain was coming down.  Dinner for that night was grilled cheese and tomato soup.  It was sooooo good with how cold it got outside all of the sudden.  This morning when I woke up, the temperature was 29 degrees. 

Lets recap the temperatures here in Missouri:
Saturday high:  80
Sunday high:  70
Monday high: 46
Welcome to Missouri's awesome weather!

I cannot forget to post my fur-babies photos from the weekend!!   :)

 How adorable are these two!?!
 My loves!
 Keeley all cuddled up in a blanket!  So adorable!
Mokes was cuddling with his Mama in the morning.  

Weekend countdown has commenced:  4 days :)

Have a great week everyone!


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