Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!!

Here is my weekly recap of the weekend:

Friday night - Our evening was quite uneventful.....the biggest excitement was going to Lowes and finding a new Christmas rug for the front door, in the inside.  I didn't even make it inside the store and they had the Christmas rugs out there.....they saw SUCKER on my forehead.  Of course, the husband makes fun of me.  Oh well, that's me and he knows what he married, a HUGH HOLIDAY FREEK!!  :)  I had every intention on making dinner that evening, but by the time we finished at Lowes, I was exhausted (It was a really long work week).  Being the best husband Andrew is, we went to get St. Louis Bread Co. for dinner (Panera Bread for those who don't live in St. Louis).  I got my usual, 1/2 ceaser salad, 1/2 smoked turkey breast on sesame bread.  YUMMO! 

Mokes is modeling the new Christmas rug for ya'll!  

Saturday - Had kind of a boring day.  Spent a lot of it on the couch, but there is nothing wrong with that every once in awhile.  Attempted Walmart around lunchtime, what in the world was I thinking!?!  I did find some red fabric and green thread to make a Christmas table runner, but found no motivation to work on it.  I wish there was a closer Joann Fabrics closer to my house.  The closest one to me is only 11 miles away, but it's in a really busy location and that place is a madhouse seeing that it's the best fabric store nearby.  Best times to go to Joann's is weeknights or Saturday evenings.  Andy and his dad moved some electric outlets in our bedroom and installed some drawer shelf things.  I can post a before and after of the drawers, but not of the outlets.  Forgot to take a photo.  Sorry.   :(  We went to dinner with his mom and dad to 54th Street Grill and watched, "The Avengers".  I got lost in the movie because the only super hero movie I have seen lately was the first Iron Man, so a no go for me.

Sunday - The usual, Target and Lunch with my mama.  Lunch was at El Maguey, a Mexican restaurant but no photos.  I really need to get in the habit of taking photos!  We started Christmas shopping also, so the sister was not invited, unfortunately.  I don't think she minded too much though.   I made dinner that night for Andy and myself, turkey mini meatloafs.  You can find the recipe here.  Yet again, no photos.  What was my deal this weekend??  Turned out pretty good.  I made mashed potatoes, peas and biscuits for the meal also. 

Of course, I'm showing my two favorite fur-babies in the entire world.  This is what their entire weekend consisted of.  They have such a tough life.  :) 

 I LOVE the color of Mokies eyes!!!  So pretty blue!
 I like how Mokes looks like he is smiling in this photo.
 Sweet Keeley cuddling with her mama.
Keeley is lounging on my bed while I get a shower.  Such a tough tough life.  

Hope you all have a fabulous week and here's to counting down to the next weekend ;)



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