Sunday, November 25, 2012

Carrie Underwood "Blown Away"

Literally, "Blown Away" is the PERFECT title to this concert.  I've seen a few concerts in my day, mostly *Nsync (3 times), Britney Spears, Rascal Flatts, Breaking Benjamin, and Tim McGraw.  This was the second time I had seen Carrie live and she never fails her fans on her shows!  This girl was on stage for 1 hour and 45 minutes and blew me away with her voice!  The ENTIRE show she sang and sang it like she should.  Her second to last song she sang was, "I know you won't" and it is a powerful ballad!  She sang that song like she hadn't sung one song all evening.  She belted that song out and it was incredible!  Her opening act was Hunter Hayes.  I knew 2 of his songs, but he did a pretty good job for someone I didn't know much about.  All the girls in the crowd were going crazy for him.  Brought me back to the good 'ol *Nsync days.  :) 

Opening Act: Hunter Hays

If I had one negative thing about her show, it had to be the stage.  I get that instead of doing huge props/stage sets that you cant really move around, its easier and you can do more with screens but her stage was really set up for people who are looking straight at it.  We sat on the right corner of the stage and several times we couldn't see her because she was at the point of the screens and hidden from us.  

Her stage at one point came apart and she "flew" into the crowd and sang about 5 songs in the air.  It was a cute stage presentation and I thought it was a good idea.  

My favorite outfit of her's was her opening outfit.  It was a blue/green corset top, short in the front and long in the back with TONS of glittering stones.  It reminded me a lot of my wedding dress, which makes me happy.  It was amazing!  Oh and that girl wore heels the entire show, you go girl!  

I strongly suggest anyone who is a fan of Carrie's to attend her concerts.  It is well worth the money and she doesn't charge an arm or a leg or even both to attend her concerts.  I've seen where some artists was $200 for a seat at their concert, are you kidding me!?!!  That's nuts! She even donated $1.00 from every ticket sale to the Red Cross, she is even cooler in my book now!  :) 

My awesome mom got my sister and I a t-shirt from the show.  Woohoo!!  Thanks MA!!

These are the best photos the night if you ask me!

 My sister and I at The Spaghetti Factory
 Our waiter took this photo of my mom, sister and I!
 The three of us waiting for the concert to begin!
 My sister and I again
My mom and my sister

In all it was a great night and I kinda wished I had taken the next day off of work, but I will survive.  



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