Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Stockings

I LOOOOOVE Christmas time!  
I guess it makes me feel like it's so magical!  
Andy likes to laugh at me because I can be such a goof around Christmas time.
It's ok, I can handle it!  :) 

A long, long time ago my mama decided that she wanted to try and make a stocking for me, her first child.  She bought a stocking kit from a company called Bucilla and made me an awesome stocking 28 years ago and I still to this day use that as my stocking at my house.  

My favorite part of the stocking, the gold stars sewn in and of course I love all the hard work she put in to make me such a great heirloom.  She has made one for every single member of our immediate family, in all a total of 11 stockings.  I cannot wait until my kids get a homemade stocking from their Grandma!  It just provides a special touch to Christmas.  :)  

She even made Andy one even before we were married.  I love that she puts in her own spin on certain things on the stocking.  Sometimes she will change a color on a certain item or put in a hidden message on a part of the stocking. 

She even sewed a Christmas Tree Skirt that I use to this day under my tree.  Of course my cat thinks the beads are fun to chew on, cue the squirt bottle, but he's learning that the Tree Skirt is for ornamental purposes only and could potentially be used for cute photo ops when he decides to sleep under the tree, its not a chew toy.....silly cat.



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