Friday, February 1, 2013

Lose 5 lbs in February!

Good Friday Morning!!

I am so glad it's Friday morning, it helps to wake up in such a good mood! 
The weekend is near and I am ready to get some sleep and relaxing in this weekend!  

I was catching up on my favorite blogs this morning and stumbled upon Mallory's blog, she posted a challenged her blog followers a February Challenge, Lose 5 lbs in February!  I am so on board!  I don't know why but this just sounds like an awesome challenge for the month of February!  The new gym that's opening across the street should be opening sometime in the month of February so I can get some different workout routines in also.  

Friday's in February I will update you all with my workout progress and lbs lost.  I don't think I will post my starting and ending weight number because I don't feel like sharing with the world my exact weight amount, but I will post how many pounds were lost or (hopefully not) gained.  I will be honest, as I always am.  Scouts honor!

Thanks Mal for a fun challenge!


Tonight's workout goal, another day of Couch to 5K!

I would walk on lunch, but the high is suppose to only be 26 degrees today, wayyyyy too cold for me to be walking in lunch.  I don't want to get sick.  Last night I should have worked out, but we had a neighborhood meeting and we needed to be at it to see what's happening in our neck of the woods.  Special thanks to our very awesome neighbors to a home cooked dinner also!  Pot Roast with Potatoes, Carrots, and Green Beans!  YUMMO! :)  
I love our neighbor's, they are just so nice and easy to talk too and be around.  We got really lucky with the neighbor's we have, well mostly lucky, guy behind us, not so nice.  

This weekends scheduled items:
~Finish painting the master bath (well Andy will...LOL)
~Workout on Sunday
~Possibly purchase a new kitchen table
~Attend a Super Bowl Party
~Hang out with my Ma
~Get all cleaning done by Sunday afternoon 
~All laundry done and put away by Sunday afternoon

Hope you all have a FANtastic weekend!  :) 


Mallory Whitt said...

Oh my goodness! This just made me SO happy! I get excited when there is proof people actually read my blog! haha! Let's do this thing! We can totally lose 5lbs this month and it looks like you've got a good plan. I am thinking about making this little challenge into a link up, would you be interested? You don't have to share your weights or anything. Just what you've been doing to reach your goal. Let me know!

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