Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Birthday Party

We celebrated Jackson's birthday on his actual birthday, which I thought was extra special!  

His 4th birthday party was held at Brunswick Bowling.  Woohooo!!

The party started at 10am and my brother brought over Paul's Donuts to eat while we bowled.  I thought it was a fun idea for a kids birthday party!  :)  We also had cupcakes and Jackson blew the candles out on his own mini cake that matched the cupcakes.  Jackson opened his many presents from all those who loved him and Claire even got in on the present actions (a really late Christmas present).  Can I just mention that Claire got a Cabbage Patch Kid Doll and that doll smells just like it did when I was little and had one!!  So many memories came back when I smelled it.  Weird yes, but you'd understand if you had one too. :) 

Birthday boy sitting in the chair, cheesing it up!

Claire enjoying her donut!

Claire and Mommy bowling

Cute family!

More donuts for Claire! 

Jackson and his Daddy bowling

Go Andy Go!!

The family posing

Me and Jackson (LOVE his smile here)

He LOVES Mickey Mouse!

Yay for presents 

Claire and her new baby doll  

Giving the baby a pacifier

Giving the baby kisses

Me and Claire! 

My sister, me and Claire 
Favorite photo of the day!! 


Jen said...

What a fun party. :) Bowling is the best for parties.

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