Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bad blogger

Hi to all!

First, I've got to say I'm sorry.  I know I've been a bad blogger lately, just nothing has come to mind to talk about.  I spend practically all day long at work on a computer, 5 days a week and when I get home, getting on the computer for some more time doesn't sound that thrilling.  Sorry.  :(  

I thought I would update you all with life:

The Weather 
BOO on you weather!  I am so ready for spring.  While I know I don't have much to complain about since it's been a pretty mild winter, I still miss the days of being able to walk Keeley around the neighborhood without freezing my hiney off!  I am hearing a winter storm is headed out way Thursday.  I believe it, because last Monday I took a sick day (was suffering from migraine's all night long and didn't get much sleep, so I stayed home).  So there fore, we will get a big storm that I will have to use another day off that I didn't really want to use....trust me.  I read that daylight savings time is March 10th!!  WOOHOOOO!!!  I cannot wait!  2 and a half more weeks. Bring on the spring weather.

The Fur-Babies
They are as awesome as ever!  I swear we hit the jackpot on the animals.  We really lucked out with how great they are (I know, I am totally biased) but still.  Saturday night it was around 10:30pm and I was on the couch just watching something random on TV, Keeley started whining wanting me to go to bed so she could lay with me.  Then Sunday morning it's around 11am (yes lazy) she whining again, wanting me to get up and go downstairs.  She loves it when we are home and loves her routines.  Smokey is too funny, once he finds his comfy spot, he will stay for hours on end.  Last night, it was cuddled next to me from 11pm to 5am.  LOVE THE CUDDLES!

The House
We submitted plans to the city to finish our basement, which I am so excited for!!  Of course it will be the man cave, but I am thrilled to have that basement finished!  We should hear back soon if our plans were accepted or not, I would assume they would.  Once we get approval, Andy and his dad will begin the task of making our basement a movie room/office for Andy.  I know he is really looking forward to it.  We also plan on getting a screen door for the garage to the kitchen so we can let more light and air in during those beautiful spring days.  I am so looking forward to windows open in the house again!!  We also need to paint the upstairs hallway, but I think that will be put on hold until next winter.  One project at a time.  :) Our bathroom is almost done being painted.  Andy has had to work for the past 2 weekends and painting is not on his fun list when he has to work.  I don't blame him!

The house next door to us should be done in the next month which I am so looking forward too.  I am tired of the construction trucks in front of our house and them leaving messes all over the place.  In fact I am so looking forward to our street being done.  I think there is 3 more lots left and they are gone for good!! Woohoo!!

I have started a new sewing project.  I am making a quilt for our living room.  I found the inspiration from pinterest.  I spent a good majority of the time working on it over the weekend.  When I get going on a project I dont want to stop it.  The problem is, I have bad motivation in cutting the fabric.  I am too much of a perfectionist when it comes to cutting and of course, I can't cut a straight line.  I will say, my cutting skills are getting much better and I am working on my patience.  :) 

I can't believe that February is almost over and March is right around the corner!  In no time it will be my birthday, Easter at the end of March, Andy and I will travel to Wisconsin in May, and we will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary!  It seems like just yesterday that we got married.  


Jen said...

Yay for it almost being your anniversary, time definitely does fly by. :)

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