Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fur-Babies Photos

Warning, photo overload coming your way!

I thought I would share in the photos I've taken of the animals the last 2 months.

Smokey all cuddled up on me

Smokey in the hammock on his tower, we have NEVER seen him in the hammock in the last year we've had this tower.

I love his blue eyes!

Mokes and me on the couch

Keeley likes to lay her head right next to mine on the couch

Keeley lying in bed with me

Mokes "helping" me sew, I say helping lightly...

Aww, Keeley cuddling with Andy

Both animals on the bed, but separated of course.  
Keeley can't look like she loves Mokes.  Haha!

These photos cracked me up, Smokey was patiently waiting for some vanilla bean ice cream.  

This is how Mokes loves to lay on me.

Smokey is covering his eyes, the TV was too bright for him.

Yes, I know.  These animals are so very loved and spoiled. 


Jen said...

Precious fur-babies!! :)

Ali said...

Your babies are adorable. I love the ice cream staring contest.

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