Friday, February 8, 2013

Pit and Peak {#1}


On Friday's I always see some of my blog friends link up with Allie over at Tales of a Twenty Something for Pit and Peak and this week, I'm joining in on the fun!  :) 

Here's the rules:

- Write a blog post with the Pit & Peak of your week.
- Pit = The low part
- Peak = The high part
-Follow your hosts

- Grab a button


  • Being lazy and not working out this week.  :(  I did manage to walk at lunch on Monday and Wednesday for 30 minutes.  I am also planning on walking today during lunch.
  • Giving in to laziness and getting McDonald's for dinner.  We had something come up that night and didn't get to eating until 6:30pm.  Boo!
  • It's cold here again.  Well OK it's not that cold, high in the 40's today, but still I was really enjoying the 60 degree days we've had.
  • My TV show's this week.  There were all boring!  Biggest Loser, meh.  Raising Hope, not so much funny.  Grey's Anatomy, it was ok... Top Chef, I guess it wasn't too bad, I was bumming that Lizzy got cut though.  Guy vs. Rachel: Yay for Dean still being in it.  I can't stand Carnie, so I hope Dean win's it on Sunday!  I can't think of what else I watch right now.

  • The week went by fast!
  • This weekend we will be celebrating my favorite nephew's birthday!  I can't believe he will be 4 already!
  • I've been a water drinking champ!  :)  I have found that when I don't have anything to drink, I am parched!  
  • Getting out early from work on Friday, 2:15 pm!  

Have a great weekend everyone! : )



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