Thursday, February 21, 2013


The snowmageggon is coming, and its coming at a ferocious pace!!  

We're about ready to get hit with not only snow, but ICE!!  Ice is such a devil and the absolute WORST thing to drive over.  As of now, we're expected to get anywhere of 3-6" of snow and sleet, maybe more since I live more west.  I don't live close to work and drive a good 30+ miles to get here, so leaving early WILL be happening today.  To be honest, I'm not really sure why I even came in today, but oh well.  As of right now, we have nothing in the area.  I did get to see the sun rise, but the clouds are coming in and covering it up.

Saint Louis is notorious of the crazy weather situations.  A lot of the time, the weather is exaggerated and we hardly ever get what they say we will get.  Today, I think they are right.  So we shall see...

So here is my goal: stay at work until I see snow.  Once I see it falling, I'm outta here! 
I think I can hear my sewing machine calling my name....haha!
Dinner tonight: Grilled Cheese and Mater Soup (sounds so warm and delicious right now)

So for now, I will leave you in suspense to the fun storm that is about to hit us.  I should be back later today with an update of our winter wonderland.  :) 


Jen said...

Yikes! Be careful, I know a lot of friends that are getting crazy weather right now.

Jessica @ Dream Mo(o)re said...

We had ice early this morning and I was dreading the drive to work at 6am. But of course, as the temperature warmed up the ice melted...

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