Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIAW #13, Walkabout Wednesday #4

I have a love/hate relationship with Wednesday's.  I hate how it's only the middle of the week, but I love all the fun link ups to do on Wednesdays!!  :) 

I have an avid blog reader in my husband {probably because I just typed his email address in the follow by email column in my blog}.....BUT he does read my blog everytime I post something new.  Last Wednesday I did not remember to photo capture my food, his comment before we fell asleep was, "Where's What I Ate Wednesday?"  Haha!  

Happy WIAW, Walkabout Wednesday!!
Thanks as always to Jenn for such a great link up!

Pre-breakfast - Vanilla biscotti coffee with sugar and vanilla creamer in my pink cup


Breakfast - Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Snack - handful of Qdoba tortilla chips (I hate how people bring food into work and it stays on the table OUTSIDE of my office.....not cool office people, not cool!)

Lunch - Stuffed cheese shells, a side salad and some pears (stupid me forgot to photograph it, I was Starvin' Marvin by the time lunch rolled around)

Snack - a handful of peanut butter pretzels

Dinner - Breakfast food!  French Toast, turkey sausage, cheesy scrambled eggs and orange juice!  Mmmmm!

Snack - Double Stuffed Oreos (silly things were calling my name while grocery shopping)

Drink of Choice:  Water all the way!  Goal for the week: drink 80 oz of water a day!

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SkyMommy said...

I love having breakfast for dinner. Seriously, breakfast food is the best kind of food.

Jen said...

I love breakfast for dinner! It's so good. :)

I'm a new follower from the walkabout yesterday. :)

The Adventures of our Army Life

healthyhayls said...

I hace that mug! I love it! Breakfast for diner in the best!

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