Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh Valentine's Day, the Hallmark holiday, where flower prices sky rocket, candy is given, and love is in the air......HA!

This Valentine's Day was different.  First, because we just purchased a new kitchen table.  Second, because we ordered my birthday present a bit early and it was a bit expensive, but at a good price that you couldn't beat!!  Third, as much as I love flowers, I hate the cost of the them, how fast they die and let's face it, how my cat likes to eat them.  Seriously Smokey, you act like we don't feed you.....

I did though go out and get Andy a little something he had been saying he would really like, spent a total of $26.80 (yes that's the exact amount),  and got a big smile on his face this morning (at least that's what I'm hoping)

I got him a Tervis mug, a lid to go with it and some more coffee pods for our Keurig (Breakfast Blend).  He really wanted a mug to keep at work and this worked out just perfectly.  He certainly was surprised by his gift, but it was just a way to let him know I am always listening to what he says.

We will not be going out to dinner on Valentine's Day because I am not a fan of crowds one bit, so instead we will be going to dinner tomorrow night.  Works for me. :)   

I've been saving up "calories" for dinner tomorrow night.  I have been really proud of myself,  yesterday lunch was pasta, salad, green beans and a roll.  You know what, I didn't even touch my roll, in the trash it went (I'm betting Andy is tearing up a bit right now...) and I only ate half the of pasta serving they gave us.  Today's lunch, turkey hot dog and salad.  I ate only half of the bun (the half that is the lesser of bread).  Go me!!  Bread-sticks WILL be consumed on Friday night at dinner.  NO JOKE ABOUT THAT!!

Love this quote, in fact, it was used in our wedding ceremony. 


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