Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Ramblings

Thursday Ramblings is just what this post will be about.....
It's just some random stuff that's been bothering me lately.

You will see me question a lot of stupid "celebrity" stuff, and I swear I just don't sit around my house all day and night and watch TV   After work we've been running errands every night and I've been working out of the treadmill every other day {started the Couch to 5k program up again, go me!}

~Why does EVERY radio station have to play a Taylor Swift song at least every 15-30 minutes?  I use to love her songs, but radio has KILLED them for me.  I was never the type to change the radio station if I heard a song I didn't like, but I cannot stand her songs anymore.  Especially, "I Knew You Were Trouble".  That song drives me crazy, and my husband knows it.  He sings is even more annoying than her just to crawl under my skin. Oh, there it is, the song just came on again.....and the radio gets turned off.

~Why do I like the show "Dance Mom's" on Lifetime?  I don't like Abby the owner of the Abby Lee Dance Company, she is rude and completely out of line when it comes to talking to those little girls.  If I were one of those mom's, my kid would be pulled out of her dance studio so fast! I realize some of these girls are older and really love to dance but when your kid has been there since they were 2, and you've seen the way Abby has been talking to your daughter for 8+ years, then why have you stayed for so long?  My husband always shakes his head when I watch that show, but it's addicting to watch how stupid Abby is, that I cannot turn it off.

~Here's another TV show annoyance: Kim Kardashian....good god I cannot stand that girl and yet I am watching Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, why?  Probably because on Sunday nights, there is NOTHING to watch!!  Ok here is my annoyance with her, Kanye get's her a kitten named Mercy.  Kim magically has to get rid of this kitten because she was "allergic" to it, but yet its been on the show for weeks now and she carries this kitten everywhere and even sleeps with it, but yet she magically becomes allergic to it....I think its called, lets show the kitten on TV and when filming is done, let's get rid of the kitten because we don't want to take care of it anymore.  Good luck with a kid honey...

~Why did I make the banana bread last night when I had no desire to eat it.  I have never really liked banana bread so why make it?  It smelled really good while baking, but eating it is a different story.  

~Why does the weather have to be so screwy?  Monday is was so so beautiful out, 70 degrees.  Today it's 30 degrees, the low tonight, 9!  I don't care if it's cold, but just stay cold.  Don't jump from warm to cold, so not fair.  Like taking candy from a baby...

~Why are khaki's and jean's never the right length? I know I'm not tall, 5'4" is not tall at all, but yet my regular length khaki's rise up so far when I'm sitting and jeans are the same way!  Get them in long and they are too long and never shrink up enough...

First world problems....LOL


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