Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

As always, I was ever thankful the weekend was here, but yet, the weekend just goes by WAYYYY to fast!

We spent the night hanging out on the couch.  I had every intention on starting laundry, starting to vacuum, sewing...yeah none of that happened.  In fact I can't even remember what we did exactly on Friday night, that's how thrilling it was.  I am pretty sure I was in bed by 9pm and asleep by 10pm at the latest.  I am such an old lady...

A view from my front door on Thursday afternoon

My car was covered in ice when I got home

We got so much snow!  This was Keeley on Monday morning when I took her out.

Morning time came around early for me, around 8am.  

For breakfast, I made us some Orange Rolls (soooooo delish, my favorite, thank you Pillsbury Dough Boy).  I also started a crockpot dinner, Chicken Ranch Tacos (so easy).  The dishes were done, the kitchen was cleaned and I even got some vacuuming done on the downstairs all before 10:30am!!  

For lunch I met up with my friend Ali and her son Sam at Chick-fil-A!  So yum!  We had a blast, Sam had the best time in the play place running around.  I got home that afternoon and begged Andy to finish painting the bathroom.  He started painting it about a month ago we just needed to do some touch up spots, paint where the light is and paint the toilet area.  Exciting, I know.  I even pitched in and helped, A LOT!  I think it came out great.  Reason being to get it finish, our permit for the basement to get finished it completed and ready to be picked up!!!  Which means the basement construction will begin soon!!!  YAY!!!  I am so excited to get this project going.  Which reminds me, I need to get before shots done.  I am never good at remembering to get the before shots, I always get after shots done.  :)   Dinner turned out so good!  I will be posting on Wednesday all about this, so stay tuned.  

Painted bathroom, ignore the painting supplies on the sink area

Target shopping was on the agenda for the evening and Andy even tagged along (he needed lunch food).  We perused a bit, hit up the Easter candy aisle (big mistake) and then I found mascara on clearance!  2 tubes of Maybelline on clearance for $4.98.  I had a Target coupon for a $1 off and a manufactures coupon for $1 off, SCORE!!  So in all, 2 tubes of mascara for $2.98 (a $1.49 each!!) It's not a bad mascara either, I like it.  So that's all that matters.  :) 

That morning Keeley decided she wanted to play early in the morning, she got in trouble by Andy for squeeking her toy while I slept.  Her punishment, not getting to lie in bed with me.  She was not a fan, but Andy gave in and let her in a while later.  I planned on my lunch date with my mom to El Maguey and our favorite, Target.  It was a MERRY TARGET WEEKEND!!  :)  Had a good time like always and I got to eat some very delicious Mexican food.  

Got home and got a comfy spot on the couch (so lazy, I know).  "Days of Thunder" was on CMT.  LOVE THAT MOVIE!!  It's an oldie and a goody!  We then headed over to Andy's parents house for dinner.  Pepper steak was on the menu, yum!  We brought Keeley over to play their dog Shadow.  Keeley totally got her exercise in, she passed out on the couch when we were over there.  

We left for home and gave her a bath first thing, so she is now a fresh and clean doggie.  :)  I got ready for bed at 8 (again, old lady) and watched the Oscar's.  Can I just say, BORING!!!  I think it is the most boring awards show there is.  I loved the Golden Globes, but the Oscars, SNOOZE FEST!  Smokey decided to join in on the Oscar snoozing cuddled up next to me.  My mom and I were texting each other during the show, it was fun and we both were having good laughs.  Most of the awards given, I had never heard of the movies!!  I will say that I did see "Argo" and I liked it.  It's about dang time a movie that wins the Oscar for Best Picture is an actual good movie.  I also saw "Silver Linings Play Book" which I thought was good but a little slow. I turned the TV off before the show was over, I was not about to stay up till 11pm to see who won, that's what the internet is for.  

Smokey gets comfy in my bed

Keeley decided she needed to share the chair with me, she is such a good "sharer"


Jen said...

What a fun weekend! I love the color you chose for your bathroom. :)

Linnea said...

Isn't Target the best!? New follower here.

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