Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday #3

Here's what I'm loving on this very cold and cloudy February 20, 2013!

I'm loving!!!  I heard on the radio the other morning that Toms will be on their site, and if you know me, you know that I LOVE ME SOME TOMS!!!  :) 

I'm loving the new Toms that I ordered for $23.99!  I purchased the Youth Natural Canvas Classics in size 5.5 (that's a 7.5 in women's).  I'm on the waiting list for the Ash and Black color.  Man oh man did they sell quickly!  I wasn't a fan on the color choices for women, but excited for the youth colors.

I'm loving that the house next to us is almost complete!  Found out the neighbors will be closing in two weeks!!  Yay for no more constructions workers all around us!  :) 

I'm loving that there is only 46 days left till the St Louis Cardinals home opener here at Busch Stadium against the Cincinnati Reds.

I'm loving my little family (of course) with Andy, Smokey and Keeley!


Jen said...

yay for no more construction near you! That is always the worst.

Jennie said...

I love the toms! I really want a pair!

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