Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life in Photos

I know I haven't been posting many photo's lately, so I thought I would unload them here today:  Enjoy!  :) 

Smokey came up and cuddled with me while I was eating dinner

A storm was a brewin' here in good ol Saint Louie!

Aww look, the babies lying on the bed at the same time!

Keeley all cuddled up on the couch on Andy, so cute!  

Smokey heard birds on the TV and went crazy!

Smokey was "helping" me sew....sooo helpful NOT

 I love how Keeley's arms are crossed, so adorable!

Smokey was keeping an eye on me while I was working out on the treadmill

 Andy in the Audi car he would like to have.

The James Bond car, so cool!

The new Viper, Andy was in love!

 Photo one, please take a photo with me!

 Photo two, will you please look normal...

Photo three, came out so cute!  Perfect!  :) 



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