Friday, January 11, 2013

Fitness Friday

I thought it would be fun to incorporate Fridays to be:

Fitness Friday's

I will recap what my fitness has looked like for the week and incorporate goals for the next week.

How did your fitness routine do for the week?

Lets catch up and see what I did...{warning, it will not look very good...}

Sunday - Nada {Was in the car for a good 7+ hours on my way home to good ol Saint Louie!}

Monday - 30 minute walk at lunch {1.5 miles}

Tuesday - 20 minute walk around the neighborhood with Keeley {meant to walk at lunch but was too busy at work}

Wednesday - 30 minute walk at lunch, 30 minute walk with Keeley around the neighborhood

Thursday - Nada, it was a rainy day and I didn't feel like working out....horrible excuse, I know.

Friday - 30 minute walk at lunch {1.5 miles}, to walk Keeley when I get home, the high is going to be 65 today!!  No excuses to not walk the puppy!  :)  Especially since snow is in the forecast for Saturday night and into Sunday morning!  Maybe I can even hit the 10,000 step mark on the FitBit today!  :)  

Goals for next week 

3 lunch walks {30 minutes each, 1.5 miles}
Hit 10,000 steps at least once next week
Walk/run on the treadmill 2 times 
Get Fit with Mel B on the PS3 1 time


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