Monday, January 28, 2013

5 for Five, #4

Good Monday Morning!!

OK, time to link up for my 5 for Five!
Thanks to Jenn and Jessica for this fabulous link up as always!!


Here's how I did last week at my goals:
{Green=goal reached, Red=goal not reached}

 January 20-26th

  1. Workout at least 2 times this week, need to get this booty in gear!
  2. Stop biting nails!
  3. Walk at lunch at least 3 times this week
  4. Start painting the master bathroom
  5. Get the "extra" laundry accomplished (guest room sheets, towels, blankets...)
The workout's did happen this week and I am so proud of me and Ali!  We both really motived each other to get our butt's off the couch and get to the gym and WE DID IT!!  The biting nails didn't stop happening....driving makes it hard to stop, but I can do it since I've stopped several times before.  Walking at lunch did not happen this week.  Between having an unexpected snow day on Tuesday, to it being in the 20's on Wednesday and Thursday, and doing interviews straight threw lunch on Friday at another location, walking at lunch was not a priority this week.  The master bathroom was painted, but not by myself.  Andy did it all, I painted a tiny spot on the he GETS ALL THE CREDIT!!  :)  The "extra" laundry was not done.  Having an extra day off in the week really throws you off.

So 2/5, eh not so good, but I can handle it.

Let's get to goals for:

January 27-February 2

  1. Stop biting nails!!!
  2. Get the "extra" laundry cleaned, folded and put away
  3. Workout at least 3 times this week
  4. No SODA!!
  5. Drink more water, eat healthier


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