Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Celebration

Let me start this post by warning you, we had a VERY BORING New Years Celebration!

But you know what, I wouldn't have had it any other way!

Andy and I decided to go out on a "Date" that night to dinner.  Fine by me, I don't have to cook dinner!  :)  Haha!!

We went to dinner to 54th Street Grill and had a great time!  

I have found that we are huge people watchers and tonight was no exception.  There was a rather "gem" of a lady sitting next to us who was very demanding to her "date" and was super annoying through the whole dinner.  It was amazing because Andy and I sat in silence eating dinner and playing some game on our phones while all we could hear was this lady crab about this and that the whole time.  Sounds down right depressing, but in actually it was quite amusing.  I enjoyed spending the time together, even if many words won't spoken.  We are an "old"  married couple now.  Hah!

It was nice to spend some time alone and just enjoy each others company.  He isn't a big drinker and I just don't drink and the thoughts of driving home at midnight just doesn't sound to appealing with drunk people all over the place!  To be honest the last 3 New Year's we spent together haven't been too terribly exciting. 

 The first year was a horrible night and I remember it turning midnight as we were driving home, we said Happy New Year, kissed and went to bed.  Woooooo!  

The second New Years we spent in Wisconsin and it was good times with great friends.  Way better New Years than the previous year.

Last year we went over to a friends house and ended up going home around 11pm because we were tired.  I think I fell asleep before it was midnight.  Oh well though.  

This year was low key, dinner and movies at home with our fur-babies!

Mokes and I 

Keeley, Andy and me!

A cute photo of us!

Stupid faces!

Andy and his puppy

I was excited to get some fun photos of us on New Years!  I didn't even have to pull teeth to get a good photo either!  :)  Haha

Happy 2013 everyone!


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