Friday, January 18, 2013

Reversible Bag

Lately my sewing machine has been calling my name!  I had been itching to try to sew something new and found this:
Making reversible bag
My sister's birthday was coming up (January 15th) and I had remembered on her Christmas list that she wanted a purse, "LIGHTBULB".  
{Haha, reference to Despicable Me!  LOVE that movie!}

I got out my trusty sewing machine and began the tedious project.  I cut out my pattern and began to read the instructions.  While I had done one other pattern project, a dog hoodie which I completely forgot to post for you all to see, I had a hard time understand the directions.  Is it just me, or is it hard to read those instructions!?!  I am the type of person that has to be physically shown and physically do the task at hand, otherwise it goes in one ear and out the other.  Thank god for YouTube!  It was really helpful to see how to sew darts or else I would have never gotten it!  I will also have to admit that my husband is awesome when it comes to helping me with the directions.  He can help me out with any problems I have and doesn't know too much about the sewing machine.  Thanks Husband!  :) 

While this purse was suppose to take 1 hour to make, it took me in total about 3 hours to complete.  1 hour of that I would put towards using my seam ripper, I messed up big time on the purse at first.  I had sewn it shut, duh Jess!  Don't sew all 4 sides together or else it will not open!  

Normally, if I had made a big mistake like that I would have given up, and thrown it away.  Not even tried to fix it, but man was I determined to fix my mistake and get this cute purse made for my sister.

In the end, it turned out great and she was excited {that's all that matters anyways :) }


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