Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday #3

Here's what I'm loving on this January 2, 2012

I'm loving that the holidays are over with.  As much as I love Christmas, I also am happy that this new year is here!  My house feels so empty without my Christmas stuff up, but I feel so less cluttered right now.

I'm loving the New Year's photos we took last night!  More on our New Years on Thursday!

I'm loving my new Tom's!!  My mom got me the white snow leopard Toms and I am so excited to wear them!  Just need the weather to be a bit warmer so my toes don't fall off!  :)   

I'm loving the road trip I'm about to take with my mom and Aunt Nancy to Huntsville, Alabama!!  We're going to visit our family and I'm leaving the husband at home.  Many photos and a post will come about after the trip!

What are you loving on this first Wednesday of the 2013?!?  
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Anonymous said...

Those shoes are super cute!!! :)

Trish said...

love your toms!
happy new year!

Jenna@The Pink Lantern said...

I poped over from This Kind of Love...just wanted to say I LOVE your Toms! I got the same ones for Christmas and can not wait for the weather to warm up so I can show them off. :)

Rachel Easley said...

Love the Toms! I went to get that pair in early December and they didn't have my size. That's my fav print on those shoes right now! Have fun on your road trip. I took my fair share of those over the holidays!!

Tasia said...

Those Toms are the cutest! I need to get me a pair...soon!

Jessica K said...

I totally recommend Toms shoes!! I love them, just wish it was a little warmer out to wear them more! They are pricey but it's one of my new obsessions and I dont have many of those. A tip on buying Toms. Don't buy them at a "Journeys" in the mall. They overcharge for the shoes, im taking like $10.00 more!! I found that in the same mall there is a Nordstroms, and Nordstroms sells them for the same price as My birthday is in March and some more Toms are more than likely going to be on my birthday wish list! :)

Mrs. Duh said...

LOVE the Tom's! So cute!!

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