Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social, Week 2

Welcome to another weekend edition of Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

Today I'm linking up with Ashley and Neely for Sunday Social!  

This week's questions:

All About 3s!

1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food

Those are the 3 most favorite types of food I eat on a weekly basis.  

2. First 3 things you do in the morning
Go to the bathroom, wash hands (LOL)
Start shower water
Put in contacts

3. Last 3 things you do at night
Take out contacts
Brush teeth
Put on jammies

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss
Big Band Theory
Top Chef
Mike and Molly

5. 3 places you want to visit

6. 3 people you can always count on
My Mom
My cousins, Jennifer and Julia

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Chelsea said...

Cute blog - Happy Sunday! I'm stopping by from the link up :-)


Jessica said...

I LOVE The Big Bang Theory. And I would definitely love to go to England!

I found you through the link up! New follower! :)

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