Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy "What I Ate Wednesday"!

We're back to linking up with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for the ever fun, weekly "WIAW"

Breakfast - Strawberry Go-Gurt and a homemade pumpkin apple oatmeal I made on Sunday.  I'm still figuring out the right blend of spices to my oatmeal.  Once I have it, I will post it.  Until then, enjoy the fabulous photo!  A hot mug full of Sleigh Ride Sugar Cookie tea, yummo on this very cold morning!  My car said 14 degrees this morning.

Snack - 27 cheez-its.  Yep, its back to counting calories.

Lunch - Pizza, tossed salad, corn.  I am so proud of my veggie consumption lately!  A veggie with every lunch and dinner on Monday, Tuesday and today!!  I would also like to comment that I was given a huge slice of pizza (2 slices worth), cut it in half and didn't even touch half of it!  :)  My portions are getting smaller!!

Snack - 2 Cuties!  I love their name, its just so adorable and they are delicious, win win in my book!!

Dinner - BBQ cups, you can find the recipe here courtesy of The Country Cook!  I also had a salad that was left over from the weekend.  It needed to be eaten before it went bad!

Snack - I know that this snack was not need AT ALL, but I wanted to make my husband cookies to snack on while I was away, Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies.  Can anyone tell me why my cookies came out looking like crap??  I have made 2 batches of these things and they are not coming out right at all.  Its almost like its not rising, flour and baking soda were precisely measured.  I even bought new baking soda tonight at Target just to try these out again and once AGAIN, they came out crappy!  Sadface!!  I am a really good baker and hardly ever had times where I suck at baking but last night and tonight have not been my night.....

Beverage of Choice - H2O and lots of it!

PS, as you can see I have been playing around with photo apps on the iPhone!  I love the one above where I made my food picture collages!! :)  That one I used to make my photos above is InstaCollege 


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