Friday, December 26, 2014

Last Friday of 2014!

I know this week that 5 on Friday was suspended due to the Christmas, but since I have to work AND I really wanted to blog, I thought why not. I'm going to keep on with the 5 on Friday! :) 


Christmas was so fun this year, especially with having a little one around. This time next year we will have a 15 month old....WHAT!?!! That's not right, he's going to be my little baby forever, right?!  I'll recap Christmas Eve and Christmas Day next week. I planned on doing it today, but all of my photos are on the DSLR.

TWO - 

I never knew this book existed until I found it one day. I read this to Luke last weekend and he loved it! The bonus of this book, there is a puppy and a kitty in the story! Just like my Smokey and Keeley! :) I am sure it will be a favorite of Luke's for year's to come.

Amethyst  - mug

We LOVE tervis cups in our house and I might have gotten a new purple mug for Christmas! :) I just wish the tervis' weren't so expensive. Our collection is slowly growing by the years. 


I have read so many great things about essential oils and I think I am finally ready to take the plunge and purchase some. I know I want at least this starter kit and we shall go from there! 


Did anyone else catch Thirty One's AWESOME sale last week? I did and I managed to spend $70 on some fun new totes for me! I can't wait till they arrive! This Retro Metro fold over bag I order and even had it personalized with a pink colored J!

Well that about sums up my Friday. Andy is coming up with Luke and we are going to go out for lunch today and more than likely have a nice and relaxing evening at home.
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Jen said...

Oh he is so cute! :)

StephTheBookworm said...

I hope you all had a great Christmas, especially with it being the baby's first one! That is such an adorable picture of him!

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